Meredith Medical Center Part 3

Meredith Medical Center

MMC is a serial story. Please see the 10-5-10 posting for Part Two.    

Part Three 11-18-10

By Whitley Gray


Content advisory: m/m sex; oral sex; profanity

Meredith City is a major health care hub, located in the upper Midwest. With a large trauma center, doctors covet the training positions and put up with difficult schedules in exchange for the opportunity. Not all of the opportunities are purely medical…

Doctor Sam Larkin glanced at his watch. Almost seven. He’d hand off to the doc coming in for the night shift in the ER, then take off for home.

He gulped cold coffee and went back to signing charts.

A blond head poked around the corner. “Hey. About finished?”

Sam leaned back in his chair, studying the man in front of him.

Doctor Leo DeCosta was six feet of California surfer boy turned Emergency Medicine physician. Shapeless green hospital scrubs couldn’t disguise the athletic lines of the guy’s body. Blond hair waved down to broad shoulders. Eyes the color of aquamarines set in the face of a model. Throw in a wicked smile and a day’s worth of stubble, and the guy was damned near irresistible.

Just one problem.

Sam was gay, and he wasn’t sure about Leo’s preferences.

The wicked smile made an appearance. “Want to grab a beer after shift change?”

Sam rocked forward in the desk chair. “Thanks, but no. Just going to finish up here, then head home.”

Leo leaned up against the doorframe and crossed his arms. “Ah, come on, Sam. Don’t make me drink alone.”

Tempting. Very tempting. But not worth it if they had opposing interests. Their easy friendship at work might not extend beyond the confines of the ER. Besides, not be a great idea to start something with someone at work. Awkward if things went south.

Leo raised one eyebrow in question.

Sam locked onto the aquamarine eyes. “Sorry. Can’t make it. What about Seri? She’s done at shift change, too.”

For several seconds, Leo stared him down, and Sam had to look away. He was in significant danger of giving in if he maintained eye contact.

There was a knock on the doorframe. “Okay. See ya.”

He caught a glimpse of Leo’s fabulous butt as he walked away. Sam ran a hand over his short black hair. Guilt stirred in his stomach. No matter how many times he said no, Leo kept issuing the invitations.

He groaned and whipped through the last few charts, signing off the records before shift change. Dr. Luke Granger took charge of the ER at seven tonight, and Sam was so ready to get out of here for the weekend.

Why in the hell was he in a hurry to get home? An intense desire to hear the silence in his condo? Check how much dust might have accumulated over the last fourteen hours?

Luke breezed into the office and dropped into a chair. “Hey, Sam. Whatcha got for me?”

Sam shook his head. The guy loved his job, no doubt about it. Not many people would get excited about spending Friday night at work.

As the ER contained no urgent cases, they got through the hand-off  by seven-thirty.

Luke toyed with a pen on the desk. “Slow day, huh?”

Sam slapped his hands on his thighs. “Yep. Hope it’s quiet for you tonight.”

Luke smiled and shook his head. “Nah. I could use a good trauma case. Give me a number thirty chest tube and mechanical ventilation anytime.”

Sam sighed. “See, that’s early career enthusiasm. The desire for the knife and gun club to have a rumble and supply patients.”

“Hey, I live for that stuff. Bet you did too, at some point. You’re not exactly an old man, Larkin.”

Sam gazed across the desk. Yeah, at one time, he’d loved trauma. But it wasn’t enough to take the place of a personal life for the long haul, and the ER had lost its appeal. “Guess I’m just cynical at the end of the shift.”

Luke cocked his head to the side. “Got any plans this weekend?”

Sam deflected the question. “When’s the baby due?”

“Next month.” Luke shook his head and grinned. “Jane’s so ready to get it over with. Like, now.”

“Yeah, well let me know when the blessed event happens.” Sam got to his feet and headed for the door. “Gotta get going. Have a good one.”

“It’s Friday. Bound to be good,” Luke called after him.

Sam trudged upstairs to the third floor physician’s lounge. No one showered or changed in this out-of-the-way spot at night, and the lock on the door ensured privacy. Which sounded pretty damn good at this point.

The door wasn’t locked. He walked into the room and shot the deadbolt. The place was semi-dark; the only illumination came from the bathroom opposite the entrance. On the right, six full-length lockers hugged the wall, and a narrow bench sat in front of them. To the left, the hospital had ripped out the lockers and replaced them with the typical hospital-issue cot.

Other than the muffled dripping of a faucet, silence filled the space. Sam didn’t bother flipping on the overhead light. He’d negotiated the area many times, and he  walked on autopilot to his locker. He kicked off his shoes, stripped off his top, and rubbed a hand across his chest.

Maybe he should have said yes to the beer. Even if Leo wasn’t gay, friendship would be better than nothing, which was the current situation. Nothing. No one.

Shit. Too late now.

He sank onto the bench and leaned his forearms on his thighs, clenching his hands together. He couldn’t keep up this isolation thing. Next week, he’d invite Leo for a beer after shift change and find some way to bring up the subject of orientation. No sense in continuing with this standoff.

Yep, a good plan. He stood and pulled open his locker.

A dark figure stepped into the bathroom doorway, silhouetted in the low light. Sam squinted as the man advanced on him. That blond halo could only belong to one person.

“Leo? What are you doing here?”


 Sam fisted his hands on his hips. “For what?”


Leo stepped into view, shirtless, torso on display. Damn. In the low light, the shadows of the cut muscles of his chest and arms reminded Sam of fine Italian sculpture. God, the man was a work of art.

Heat flooded Sam’s groin, and he clamped down on his attraction. Or that was the intent, but his cock didn’t get the message. A hard-on pushed against his scrubs. Sam grabbed a shirt out of his locker and fisted it in front of his pants.

A few feet away, Leo stroked his chest, riveting Sam’s attention.

Shit. He couldn’t do this right now. He needed the weekend to psych himself up, plan what to say. Sam gripped the door of his locker. “Look, about the beer—”

“It’s not about the beer, Sam.” Leo’s hand drifted down the line of hair on his belly and stopped just above the waist of his scrubs.

Sam dragged his eyes back to Leo’s pale blue gaze. “What… is it… about, then?”

Leo took a couple of steps forward and dropped his hand to his groin.

The man had a raging erection. A fresh wave of arousal shot down to Sam’s cock, and he bit down on his tongue to keep from licking his lips.

“You’ve been avoiding me, Sam. I finally decided it must be because you didn’t know, or weren’t sure.” Leo’s hand stroked up the front of his scrub pants, the erection outlined under the thin material. “Now you know.”

Sam swallowed hard. He’d been an idiot, for Chrissakes. Leo had cajoled him for weeks, and Sam had avoided every invitation, every request for companionship. Sam hadn’t agreed to have a beer, watch a game, grab some dinner. Never gave the guy an opportunity.

Hell. He shifted his gaze to the floor. “Leo…”

“It’s okay. This isn’t an ambush. It’s a… declaration.”  He pivoted for the bathroom.

Sam picked out the pale green of Leo’s scrub shirt on the sink counter.

Suddenly all the loneliness of the past months crashed in on him. In two strides, he crossed the room and grabbed Leo’s shoulders. Sam pressed his bare chest against the warm skin of Leo’s back. The man froze.

“Sam, you don’t need to do this.”

Sam slid his arms around the other man’s lean waist. This close, he smelled like balsam and sandalwood, with an underlying scent of musky male. Sam shuddered, and his erection grew.

“I want to,” Sam said in a hoarse voice. “I’ve wanted to ask, but I didn’t know— wasn’t sure.”

Leo relaxed, exhaled.

Sam pressed soft kisses along the brown skin as blond hair tickled his nose, and strong fingers gripped his wrists. Sam imagined those tanned hands were capable of all sorts of things: suturing a laceration, throwing a football, providing intense pleasure…

The area where Leo’s neck met his shoulder beckoned, and Sam licked the skin. A hint of salt and an unexpected sweetness rolled across his tongue. Leo dropped his head back, and Sam tasted his neck, bit his earlobe.

Sam pushed his hard shaft against the cleft of Leo’s ass.

Leo groaned and spun Sam around, trapping his wrists against the wall. A hot and hungry mouth pressed against Sam’s, a wonderful masculine assault. Nothing like a man’s firm lips, a man’s kiss.

God, it’d been so long, and kissing had never felt like this, never this sweet. Leo didn’t invade, didn’t grind against him, just took his time. And that was fine with Sam.

Leo licked Sam’s lower lip, requesting entry, and he obliged. Leo’s tongue slid inside, hot and smooth, bringing the taste of peppermint and ramping up the pleasure. Sam’s erection kicked, hard and throbbing.

Suddenly Sam’s wrists were free, and he shoved his hands into Leo’s sun bleached hair. Despite all the sun- and chlorine-induced highlights, the stuff was like silk, a nice surprise.

This whole thing was a nice surprise.

Beards rasping together, Leo moved along the stubble and pressed a kiss to the underside of Sam’s jaw. Tender, not demanding. A warm wet tongue traced a line down to the hollow above his sternum.

Sam moaned and leaned against the wall for support. What else did Leo do well with that mouth? He shuddered and closed his eyes.

Teeth gently closed on his left nipple, and Sam jerked. His cock nearly leaped out of his pants.

Leo pulled back and grinned, his eyes more cerulean now, the pupils dilated with arousal. He dipped once more to kiss Sam’s nipple, and Sam’s hands fell to his sides. He hadn’t been this needy for months, and he wanted Leo to fulfill those needs.

Leo moved up. “You okay?” he whispered.

Sam groaned. “Yeah. Yeah.”

“You want to stop?”

Sam took a shaky breath. “No.”

Leo’s thigh gently nudged between his. Sam moved his feet apart, and Leo pressed against him, their cocks rubbing together, the friction delicious through the well-worn cotton of their scrubs. Leo was just as aroused as he was, that massive erection pushing on his hip and groin.

“What do you want?” Leo whispered next to his ear, then ran his lips over Sam’s, soft butterfly kisses.

“Want?” he panted.

“You want my mouth? My cock?”  Leo traced Sam’s lips with a warm tongue, stroked his fingers down Sam’s sensitive shaft, and he bucked against Leo’s hand.

A gentle squeeze of the testicles, then more stroking. “What do you want, Sam?”

It was more a question of what did he want first. God, he couldn’t breathe. Leo’s hands felt so good on him; he wasn’t going to last long. It’d be nice if someone unfroze his vocal cords about now.

“Mouth,” he gasped.

The wicked sexy grin spread across Leo’s face. He loosened the ties on Sam’s scrub pants and pushed them down, taking the boxer briefs along with them, and Sam’s erection bobbed forward. He kicked free of the clothing and blew out a breath. A relief to get rid of that confinement.

Leo sank onto his knees and took Sam’s cock into his mouth.

The first touch of that hot tongue had Sam throwing back his head, hips bucking like a damn virgin. Soft lips, then the gentle scrape of teeth, then pressure, first gentle, then hard. Gentle, then hard. Leo worked his erection, that gifted mouth pulling Sam higher and higher, to the top of the roller coaster. He slid his hands into Leo’s hair, holding on but not forcing.

Leo backed off and looked up, grinning wickedly.

Sam’s thighs trembled, and he braced his back against the wall, praying to stay upright. He wasn’t stopping, was he? Because the pleasure verged on pain, and release was mandatory.

Leo’s tongue swirled around the head, tickled the cleft, dipped into the slit, and then pulled in his entire length. Wet heat squeezed Sam’s cock, and tension gathered in the small of his back, signaling impending orgasm. He tried to warn Leo, give him a chance to pull away.

“I’m… going to—”

Leo stayed put, sucked hard.

Sam came, more forcefully than he’d ever experienced.

Absolute ecstasy. His vision grayed down, and he sagged against the wall. Leo finished him, then stood and wrapped him in those strong tan arms, providing support and murmuring reassurances as his sight cleared. Sam hugged back and buried his nose in the heady fragrance of Leo’s skin.

Salty musky lips kissed Sam’s. “I’ve waited so long for that, Sam. Thought I’d never see the day.”

Sam’s throat tightened. All those months alone, and Leo had been right here, patiently waiting. He brushed back damp blond strands and met the aquamarine gaze. “What do you want?”


Sam grinned. “Yeah, want.”

“Want to try out the cot?”

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All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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Thunderbolts and Lightning-Very, Very Frightening

Content advisory: graphic language and sexual nature.

 “Zeus, father of gods and mortals.” Whether Homer meant this literally or metaphorically, there’s no denying the supreme ruler of the Pantheon of gods knew how to please the ladies, no matter what the cost.

Zeus spent his formative years on Crete. Secreted away to the cave on Mount Dicte, his mother—Rhea, kept Zeus hidden from Kronos, his titan father. Once grown and having accomplished the important tasks on his ‘To Do List’—Overthrow Father—Split Universe With Brothers—Zeus turned his attention to more pleasant endeavors.

When Metis, the goddess of prudence, sparked Zeus’s interest, he relentlessly pursued her. Though Metis resisted, Zeus wore her down and she had no choice but to submit to his advances. From their union sprang Athena, goddess of wisdom. Gaia warned Zeus that Athena would bear a son, who would one day overthrow him. Upon hearing the prophecy, Zeus swallowed Metis in hopes of stopping the prediction, though in hindsight swallowing Athena might have been a more savvy choice.

  Swallowing ones spouse seemed the equivalent to a godly divorce on Mount Olympus.

Venus Rising-all that from a pair of balls.

 Next up—Dione—supposed mother of Aphrodite. Being the product of Zeus and Dione’s union was a far better beginning than other rumored accounts of Aphrodite’s birth. One tale claims the goddess of beauty was born when Kronos castrated his father, Uranus, and tossed the severed genitalia in the ocean. That’s cold. The waters churned, foamed, and Aphrodite arose from the sea. What a reputation to live down. Good thing she was pretty.

 Hera burst on the scene as Zeus’s possessive wife and sister. The reasons he wedded and bedded his sister may escape our feeble mortal minds and we must trust that the supreme ruler knew what he was doing. But seriously, his sister? There must have been other options.

Zeus and Hera

 Hera dogged Zeus’s every step. Vain and jealous, the queen of the Olympians rarely gave her husband a moment’s peace. To make matters worse, Zeus couldn’t keep his thunderbolt in his toga, and many females felt not only Zeus’s amorous touch, but also Hera’s wrath.

 Zeus always won his gal, even if his plan required trickery or deception. Some of his most famous erotic escapades were spent trussed-up in true god-like fashion.

Transforming himself into Artemis, the goddess of chastity, Zeus seduced Callisto, a nymph who served Artemis. Thinking it was her goddess, Callisto accepted Zeus’s amorous advances. For Callisto, keeping her virgnity was paramount, but Zeus had other plans. When the nymph became pregnant, surprise—surprise, Hera threw a fit and turned Callisto into a bear. Whether to make amends or to get rid of the mistress, Zeus placed Callisto in the heavens, making her the constellation Ursa Major. Uh, thanks Zeus.

 Danae, a Greek princess, succumbed to Zeus’s advances while locked away in her father’s dungeon. Zeus’s disguise was exceptionally brilliant during this affair, for what would a woman, who had been locked away in a filthy dungeon, want most of all? A bath. Taking the form of a golden shower, and let’s hope that means pretty and not the more modern term, Zeus seduced Danae, after which she gave birth to Perseus.

 Europa, a Phoenician princess from which Europe was named, may have been beautiful, but wasn’t all that bright. When Zeus’s roving eye landed on the princess, he transformed into a white bull and struck a pose near where Europa and her home-girls were picking flowers. Upon seeing the animal, she approached and stroked him. In what can only be described as a grave lack of judgment, Europa mounted the bull.

 Zeus ran straight into the sea, taking Europa with him, and didn’t stop until he reached the island of Crete. To commemorate the occasion, Zeus created the Taurus constellation. Europa gave Zeus three sons and became the first queen of Crete.

 Zeus had wide and varied tastes in his lovers. The father of the gods wooed Leda, the queen of Sparta, by transforming himself into a white swan. Pretending to be chased by an eagle, Zeus landed in Leda’s lap. Sure the normal train of thought may not be, “Hmmm, I think I’m going to fuck this bird.” But do him she did. From Leda and Zeus’s union came two eggs, from which four children hatched—Castor and Pollux, and two girls—Clytemnestra and Helen (also known as Helen of Troy).

 Hundreds of goddesses, nymphs, women, and men fell victim to Zeus’s erotic manipulations. From these exploits, Zeus begot demigods, heroes, several wonderful star constellations, and a reputation as the god that never stopped giving. From him and the many that gave their virginity came a rich and powerful Greek dynasty, the gods of Olympus.

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Lord of Shadows

Lord of Shadows is an ongoing serial story.

Content advisory: m/f sex, oral sex


Tierney pressed his hand against the window and stared out into the night as rain pelted the glass.

There were rules a vampire followed if he wished to survive. He had never believed much in following rules, tonight was no different. And while falling in love with a hunter’s daughter wasn’t the smartest thing he could do, that was were his heart had led him.

Down on the street, beneath the second floor of his French Quarter home, a young woman dashed through the rain, pink skirts trailing behind her as if unable to keep up. His breath quickened.


His love.

His potential death warrant.

A sleek team of horses, black as the night, thundered down the street, charging through mud and flinging it behind them as the carriage driver whipped them on. Tierney’s stomach lurched as the team bore down on Sarah.

She scurried from harm’s way, a mischievous grin on her lovely face as she raced for his residence.

He turned from the glass and hurried down the wide curving staircase to let her in as he had no servants to do it for him. A man in his position couldn’t afford to have people in his home while he slept away the daylight hours in a helpless and defenseless state.

He reached the door and held it wide as she raced up the steps in a flurry of silk skirts and an oversized cape that hid cascades of gold curls.

“Tierney,” she gasped, out of breath, and threw herself in his arms.

She was so alive and warm in his grasp. He wanted to hold her, breathe in her wonderful scent of rose and freshness and never let her go. His hand strayed to the small of her back and pressed her tight against him, letting her feel his cock through their clothing, but only for a moment. It wasn’t wise to stand on the wide porch with her crushed to him where anyone could see them. He backed up without releasing his hold on her and shoved the door closed behind her.

She wriggled from his grasp and struggled out of the cape. He took it from her, tossed it over a chair to dry then he drew her to him.

“God, Sarah, it’s so good to see you and hold you again.” Before she could reply, he bent his head, his lips seeking hers in a feverish kiss. He nudged at her lower lip with his tongue and she opened, allowing him to taste her minty flavored kiss.

Moaning, she thrust her hands into his hair and leaned tight against him, rubbing wantonly against his rock-hard erection.

She tightened her hold on him then pushed back just a little and looked into his eyes. “I had to dodge a man tonight. I think my father is having me watched. He suspects I’m sneaking out.”

Heart pounding, he said, “You’re sure you lost him?”

“I switched back several times to make sure. I’d never bring danger to you.”

“Don’t take your father lightly. He’s no fool and a skilled hunter.” He knew this for a fact. John Wilkes had killed Tierney’s best friend. “If he finds me during the day, I won’t be able to defend myself. He’ll kill me, Sarah.” The thought of waking with a hunter standing over him, a stake poised over his heart, and being unable to help himself sent chills rippling over his skin.

“He doesn’t know about you, my love. And he isn’t going to find out.” She reached around and caught the leather tie that held his hair back. She pulled it out, letting his hair fall free. “I like your hair loose. It’s so thick and gorgeous.”

He couldn’t help but smile. Honest and open, she was innocent and sweet, and he loved her desperately.

“Kiss me, Tierney.”

He pulled her up against him, his arms tightening around her waist, pressing her into his cock as his lips met hers and tongues tangled in a sensuous dance. She moaned and his hands slipped lower, grasping her firm ass. God, he needed her. Needed to lay with her and make her his and his alone.

Her small hand left his hair where it had burrowed and reappeared at his hip. With no hesitation, she reached between them and grasped his cock through his pants. He froze then groaned and thrust forward, craving contact with her hand.

“I want you. Tonight. I want you completely. I love you, Tierney.”

His breath hung in his throat. “Do you mean it? Are you sure?”

“Yes. I’m sure.”

“I can’t undo it once it’s done.” She was a virgin. Just the thought of being her first made his cock even harder. “There’s danger in lying with me. I might bite, even if you don’t want me to. I might not be able to help it.”

“I want it, all of it.” Her hand stroked through his pants.

She was twenty, old enough.

He wanted her more than he’d ever wanted a woman, before or after he’d been turned. And forever locked in the body of a twenty-five year old, he’d had more than his share of women in his short ten year life-span as a vampire.

Growling, he lifted her into his arms, swept through the house and up the wide, curving staircase. As he continued on to the master bedroom, her luscious fragrance of roses teased his senses.

He eased her down but kept her in his embrace. Then he bent and kissed her deeply, their tongues sliding together, twining in a hot but gentle kiss. Jesus, she was going to allow him to have her.

He tightened his arms, bringing her even closer. His angel in a world of darkness. She was everything sweet and good. And after years of hiding in the shadows, she brought back some light and hope for something more than he had known and accepted.

He didn’t deserve her. He didn’t deserve anything good, but here she was, in his arms, practically in his bed. “I love you,” he whispered against her lips. And he did. His love for her was as strong as his hate for her father.

Cupping her chin, he tilted her head and deliberately kissed the pale, silky smooth column of her throat. He licked slowly over her pulse, tasting a hint of vanilla on her skin. His fangs lengthened and the instinct to bite hit him hard. He scraped his teeth over her skin but reined in the urge to take her blood. He willed his fangs to recede.

She trembled slightly but tilted her head, giving her permission.

He groaned and kissed the fluttering pulse point then backed off.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, confusion in her lovely green eyes.

“Nothing. I had to be sure you understood what could happen. What probably will happen.”

“I’m fully aware of what I’m doing and what you are.” Her warm, gentle hands ran over the muscles of his back then rested on his shoulders. “You are everything to me. I want to be with you, in every way possible.”

Once again, he tilted her head up, but this time to look into her eyes. “You know this is going to hurt? At least at first.”

The tiniest bit of fear touched her eyes but she nodded. “I don’t care. I want to be with you. And it will only hurt once.”

Groaning, his hands went to work on the tiny pearl buttons that ran down the back of her dress. As he deftly worked on the buttons, her fingers loosed his shirt and pushed the garment aside. She leaned forward and licked over his nipple. Heat lashed through him as her tongue flicked over his sensitive flesh, then she planted a kiss on his chest.

Oh, Jesus, her warm little mouth on his skin sent his heart galloping like a runaway horse. No woman had ever made him feel the way she did. When he was with her, he became clay in her hands. He would do anything she asked of him. He would kill to protect her, and he would die for her if necessary.

He undid the last button and then gently pushed the dress off her shoulders and on down until it slipped from his grasp and billowed to the floor. It lay around her like a sea of pink silk. She bit her lip but remained still as he undid her petticoats and let them join the dress on the hardwood. When he finally removed the last stitch of her clothing, she stepped from the pile of material and stood before him, breasts jutting proudly, her chin up, her eyes sparkling with fear-tinged lust.

“Come,” he said and took her hand, leading her to his bed where she lowered herself then moved over to make room for him. She laid back, her hair spilling over the pillows in a golden cloud.

His cock strained at his britches, but he couldn’t rush. He couldn’t mount her like a rutting animal, as he wished to. Her first time had to be special. His own pleasure could wait. “I want this to be good for you,” he murmured and moved up alongside her. “You need to be completely ready to make it as easy as possible.”

Still mostly dressed, he eased down beside her and took her into his arms. She trembled slightly but her gaze met and held his in total trust. He swallowed hard, unbelieving that she was really his.

He dipped his head and kissed her gently, waiting for her to relax before he deepened the kiss. Moaning, she opened for him, encouraging his invasion of her mouth yet again.

His hand slipped over her skin in a light caress until he reached her breast and the pebbled peak that beckoned his fingers. He rolled the nipple then caressed it with his thumb until she arched her back, thrusting the plump mound fully into his hand.

He broke the kiss and bent to the creamy orb, drawing the taut bud into his sucking mouth where his teeth gently nipped and his tongue soothed with hot strokes.

Sarah cried out and thrust her hands into his hair, pressing him closer. His other hand joined in, caressing the other peak until she tossed her head back and arched even farther off the bed.

His tight britches pinned his throbbing cock up against his belly. She touched his length, and then leisurely traced her fingers up and down until he humped against her hand, unable to stop himself. The friction of her hand against the soft material was beyond delightful.

His cock kicked and Sarah rewarded him with a quicker motion that nearly had him whimpering like an uninitiated lad at his first encounter. She instinctively knew how to pleasure him. Her hands went to the buttons on his pants and quickly worked them open. Then almost shyly, she reached in the opening and touched him.

He hissed and her eyes shot to his face. He could have bitten his tongue off for his mistake. “Please don’t stop,” he groaned.

Encouraged, she touched him again.  Her fingers curled around his shaft and gently drew him through the opening in his britches allowing his cock to spring free.  She gave a tentative stroke. He moaned and strained upward, seeking more. She ran her hand up his shaft, then back, exploring his sex. A single, crystal drop of fluid welled at the tip of the engorged head.

She stared at it then bent over him. Her pink tongue darted out and cleaned it off. He moaned and arched his back. Eyes locked on his, she bent over him once more. Her tongue touched him again but this time she didn’t draw away. Her tongue swirled over the head, flicking at the little slit.

Her hand closed on his balls and massaged gently.

His fangs lengthened again and this time he didn’t force them away. She knew what he was, and for him, blood was as much a part of sex as what she was doing to his cock.

Their gazes locked. Then she opened her mouth and took him in, slowly sinking farther down his length. His hands dug into the mattress and his hips wanted to thrust upward and bury himself in her warm mouth but he forced himself to remain still. She stopped. Then after a moment, took the rest of him.

He moaned.

Still making eye contact, she slid back up, letting her teeth barely touch him.

“Please. . .” he groaned.

She understood and took him in again. Now that she knew the motion, she bobbed on his shaft, taking his length then releasing him with that gentle scrape of teeth until he kicked hard and he knew he was going to lose control of the situation. Something he absolutely didn’t want to happen.

He touched her shoulder and gently pushed her back, freeing his cock from her wonderful mouth.

She looked confused.”Did I do something wrong?”

“No, but I can’t take any more,” Tierney said.  “And I don’t think you want that.” He gave her a little smile. “Let me please you now.” He moved down the bed and eased between her legs. Blond curls nested around her sex but couldn’t disguise the shine of moisture at her opening. He was tempted to slip his finger inside her to get her ready, but he just couldn’t. He wanted his cock to be the first thing inside her pussy. He’d had virgins before and knew nothing felt quite as good or as tight as an untouched woman.

He stroked her folds, running his index finger along the length of her. He dipped in just at the entrance, getting her slick fluid and rubbing upward. His finger touched her bud and she jumped, a little moan came out of her. He fluttered over her nub, rubbing rhythmically until her hips pumped, pleasuring herself on his hand.

He stopped and grinned at the look of loss on her face. He could give her something better than a finger. He bent forward and touched the little nub with his tongue. She jumped, then giggled.

He inhaled her rose fragrance and vanilla flavor.  Swirling his tongue over her tasty little bud, he savored her again and again until she cried out and grabbed his head, her hands curling in his hair and pulling hard. “Tierney,” she cried. “Oh, God, please!”

Gratification swept through him as well as joy and exhilaration.

Her slit was soaked with moisture. He repositioned and licked at her opening, taking her essence onto his tongue and swallowing greedily.

“Oh, my God,” she moaned and thrust her hips up.

She was ready, and his cock was achingly hard. It was time.

He crawled up beside her and claimed her lips in a demanding kiss, letting her taste herself on his tongue before he moved over her. “Ready?”

She slipped her arms around him, urging him down on her, and spread her legs wide. “I’m ready, Tierney.”

He pressed kisses down her jaw to her throat and kissed the skin over her pounding pulse as he settled between her legs. He scraped his fangs over her skin as his cock probed her entrance. Her hands tightened on his back.

He pushed and met resistance.

Sarah bit her lip.

“Shit,” he hissed and reared his hips back then rammed forward, tearing his way inside her.

She wailed and dug her sharp nails into his back.

Once inside, he stilled, letting her stretch and get used to the feel of him. “I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t want to hurt you.”

She wriggled under him, urging him to move. “It’s okay. I expected it. Now show me what love is.”

He kissed her gently and set a slow pace, now sliding easily in her tight channel. Her walls squeezed his cock, holding him in a delicious grip. She met his pace, rising up to meet him, taking every inch of him.

And when he could stand it no longer, he picked up the pace, increasing the friction of his dick between her clenching walls. She moaned and moved faster, keeping up with him.

Driving hard into her, he grunted with exertion. A little sob tore out of her, and her hips went harder as she worked for her release. On the verge of losing control, he moved back to her throat and without hesitating, he nuzzled, seeking permission. She turned her head, arching her throat, offering herself up.

He growled then sank his fangs into her. She cried out and stiffened. Her blood poured into his mouth in a salty-sweet rush, and he moaned in pleasure. He drank in greedy abandon until he knew he had to stop. He eased off then licked over the wounds to seal them.

He pumped hard, wanting to climax, wanting her to climax first.

Writhing under him, she cried out and arched her back. With a roar of pleasure, he exploded, filling her with long hot spurts.

With his cock still inside her, he collapsed and lay on her. But only for a moment. He rolled off and lay beside her. “Are you okay?” he asked.

“I’m very okay,” Sarah said. “It was everything I’d hoped. She reached over and brushed his damp hair aside. “I love you, Tierney. I want to be yours forever.”

“Forever is a long time.”

“I know.” She smiled.

He stroked her cheek. “Be careful of what you wish for, my love. Especially with someone who can give it to you.”




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Copyright © 2010 Nickie Asher

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.




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The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen ~ Part Three

Content advisory: masturbation, ménage a trois

Continuation from October 11, 2010

Upset by Jason’s abrupt departure, Sidony falls asleep and into a dream unlike anything she has ever experienced. The man who comes to her promises to give Sidony what she needs. Determined to be free of her curse, Sidony has vowed to find the nameless man.

Rain battered and spat on the window of the cozy B&B where Michael had stopped for the night. The storm sounds blended with the shush of the shower and frenetic sighs of the man beneath the rush of water.

Michael’s lavender eyes gazed out the mullioned, rain drenched window. The mist rolled over the emerald carpet of the hills. It ran over the dips and rises, a secret lover fleeing the angry droplets of a jilted spouse come home too soon.

He saw none of it.

Every thought was focused on the scene playing out in his mind’s eye. Glimpses of chestnut curls, voluptuous breasts and creamy, silken skin. She had been on his mind and in Michael’s dreams forever.


Michael sighed as his hand worked up the length of his shaft. The smooth skin of his palm covered the velvety tip and squeezed lightly before it resumed with a downward stroke.

The icy water from the shower slid over his flesh but did nothing to cool the burning heat in Michael’s veins. Their latest dream rendezvous had been cut off again and left him molten with need.

His fist pumped furiously up and down the granite length of his cock as he pictured the way Sidony had writhed for him. She’d been poised on the edge, every cry and whimper gliding over his senses and pulling him along with her. He understood the demands of her career but the frequent interruptions were trying his patience. Michael needed to get to her, and soon.

Thoughts focused on Sidony, Michael worked his turgid flesh. Each glide of his hand a reminder of where he needed, wanted, to be – balls deep inside of the woman he was destined to be with.

Several more sweat and shower slick strokes brought on the muscle tightness and tingling at the base of Michael’s spine that heralded his release – and another night alone. The hand on his shaft moved quickly while the other kneaded and rolled the contents of his sack. His forehead pressed against the cool tile. His cry resonated through the small bathroom as thick, creamy jets of cum streamed from his erection to coat the walls.

Michael waited until the tremor in his muscles settled before rinsing off the evidence of his activity and leaving the shower. He wrapped a thick towel around his waist and padded out to sit on the end of the antique poster bed.

He sighed heavily and flopped back on the mattress.

“Sidony,” he whispered. “I can feel you near. Fall asleep and let me in again.”

She had opened up to him every night in the two weeks since their first encounter. After their failed attempt earlier, her resistance to let him in now puzzled Michael.

Their multiple contacts had opened a telepathic channel between them and he tested it in order to draw her out.

“Sidony. Stop fighting.”


Michael’s mind projected her image beside him on the bed and he blinked when she appeared. Her arms were crossed beneath the delicious curves of her breasts. Even fully dressed, she was exquisite and his cock twitched at the sight of her.

“You won’t tell me who you are or how I can find you. This little charade was fun at first but I’m getting tired of it. You’ve said you can free me from this curse. Come get me. Prove it.”

He rolled to his stomach and grimaced when his face connected with the soaked comforter. She was right, and he knew full well that he could go to her anytime he wished.

“Unlock your door. Trust me, sweetheart. You’ll have me tonight. I promise.”

Sidony opened her eyes and blinked at the ceiling. He was coming. Whoever her dream lover was, he was coming tonight, and she would be free. The curse would be gone and sex would once again be something enjoyable.

Her feet hit the floor and Sidony set about preparing the room she was staying in. The B&B was decorated in typical old English inn style. Flowery patterned wall paper, furniture in shades of pastel pinks, greens and blue and miles of lace.

Thunder boomed outside. The rain slashed against the window panes in a furious onslaught that hadn’t let up since it had started just before noon.

Sidony pushed aside the curtains that covered her French doors and watched the mist ghost across her small patio. It was an eerie night, almost perfect for breaking curses. Releasing the fall of lace, she turned back to the room to find the landlady’s supply of candles. With a storm raging outside, the candles would provide ambiance and prevent the lights from blazing on at an inopportune moment.

A few moments later the room was lit by a soft glow and Sidony was dressed in a black silk dressing gown. She checked her appearance in the mirror above the dresser and sat on the edge of the bed to wait.

Soft ticking from the clock on the mantle counted the minutes until finally a knock sounded on the thick wooden door. Sidony rose, pulled open the door and gasped at who she found standing on the other side.

“Jason? What is he doing with you?”

The man she recognized from the dreams they had shared stepped forward and, despite her surprise at seeing Jason, heat pooled in Sidony’s abdomen.

“We need him, sweetheart. Jason is part of the key to breaking your curse.”

She looked at the two men as they entered the room. Confusion warred with need and desire as she watched the dark silk of their pants mould to the curves of their backsides when they walked.

They were a truly magnificent sight to behold. The contrast of light and dark between the two of them was a feast to Sidony’s hungry eyes. Michael’s hair was loose and curled above his shoulders in a shinning tangle of waves. Jason’s pants rode his hips in his usual sexy way.

“But… I thought. The dreams? It was only you and me then.”

Jason cast a glance at the other man and, when he nodded, pulled Sidony towards the French doors. He tucked a curl behind her ear and gave her a reassuring smile.

“Michael explained a few things to me. He’s the one you need to break the curse, and you need me to help get the two of you there.”

Sidony looked over at the man she now knew as Michael and offered him her hand. His warm palm covered hers and she smiled as the three of them moved towards the large bed. They lifted her onto the mattress and she held her breath as they joined her.

Michael reached to undo the sash of her robe and Sidony watched, wide eyed as his fingers tugged on the silk and it came loose. The edges of her robe fell away to reveal the quick rise and fall of her chest beneath the heavy globes of her breasts.

“Relax, Sid. You know us. Me, you know in the flesh and Michael in your dreams. You’ve been waiting for this…for us.”

Jason crooked a finger beneath Sidony’s chin and tilted her face up for a gentle kiss.  His tongue brushed over hers, a tender, familiar tango they’d danced before. He turned her in his arms and pulled the robe off Sidony’s shoulders baring her to Michael’s hungry gaze.

A small golden pot appeared in Michael’s hand. He opened it and pressed a kiss to the valley between Sidony’s breasts as he began to rub scented oil into her skin. Both men began to chant quietly in the ancient tongue of the vampire race as their hands worked their magic on her body.

Each stroke of their oil slicked fingers set Sidony on fire. The press of their lips set shivers down her spine and their breath sent goose bumps parading over her skin. She moaned and writhed as her skin became a living thing under their combined touches.

The silk sheets Sidony had insisted on were a blessing as they would hide the blood that would come later but they were a curse now as they whispered across her sensitized skin. She wanted to scream out her frustration but all that came from Sidony’s lips were Michael and Jason’s names whispered on moans.

Michael pressed kisses up the inside of her thighs and blew gently on her over sensitized skin as Jason cupped her breasts from behind and pulled an earlobe between his teeth.

Sidony’s ass ground into Jason’s groin as she frantically pulled at Michael’s hair to bring his face up to hers. He ran his tongue up her warm cleft and groaned as he slid the hard planes of his body against hers to bring his face up to Sidony’s.

“Mmm…warm strawberries.  Tell us what you want, love.  What do you need?”

Jason slid the heated length of his silken cock between the warm folds of her core and hissed.  “Is this what you want?  Do you want us inside?”

He thrust against her and Sidony’s thoughts scrambled as the tip of him bumped her clit. She could do nothing but nod as a whimper escaped her lips.

Michael stretched himself in front of her and pulled Sidony’s left leg over his hip as he slowly thrust deep inside of her. She leaned back and hooked her hand around Jason’s hip to pull him closer as he thrust in rhythm with Michael.

Sidony’s senses swirled and images danced in her mind as she drowned in the scents their bodies released as they neared the point where the men pressing into her body would sink their fangs into her flesh. Michael smelled of spiced vanilla and Jason had the scent of warm sugar.

As her scent mixed in with theirs Sidony felt the sharp piercing of her flesh as they recognized the signal and began marking her. Jason sank his fangs into the flesh of her right shoulder and Michael took the left.

The smell of fresh ripe strawberries filled the room as the speed of their thrusting increased and Sidony felt her body tighten as it poised to climax.

Her cries became frantic with need as they sucked at her skin and increased the speed of their thrusts. She pushed and pulled at them as the urgency built and their breath came in shorter bursts against her skin.

A scream burst from Sidony’s lips and her body arched back as she came, hard. She forgot who was where and even where she was for a moment as Sidony gave herself over to the violent tumult of the orgasm.

The second orgasm slammed into her so hard that Sidony screamed her release as her body arched and writhed. She bucked between them like a bronco held too long in the chute and it was all they could do to keep her between them.

Sidony moaned incoherently as both men gave one final thrust and spilled their own orgasms into her quivering sheath.

Her body gave one last shudder and a dark purple glow spilled out over Michael’s face as she looked into his glowing lavender eyes. He pushed a strand of damp hair out of her eyes and gasped, “You’re eyes. Jason, look at her eyes.”

Jason rolled Sidony onto her back and the glow flooded the room. She turned to look into the soft blue glow of his eyes and he grinned triumphantly.

“Cool.  You’re eyes are purple.”

Sidony’s eyes widened.  “What does that mean?”

Michael traced his fingers over the mark on her shoulder and whispered, “It means we did it right. The curse is broken and you’re free.”

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Danielle Gavan
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Possession is Nine Tenths – Ardeur
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All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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Possession is Nine Tenths – Ardeur Chapter 10

** Continuation of November 7th, 2010 post. Please click here for Chapter 9.


Rae slammed the door behind him as he stormed in to the sitting room in search of something to let loose on. His eyes landed on the bottles lining the back of the bar and he lunged for them, uncaring what it was he picked up; he twisted off the cap and poured the contents of the bottle down his throat.

My Archeia. How can she be mine? She’s…oh fuck me…my mate.

A discreet cough behind him made Rae choke on the whisky that was burning its way down his throat and he turned to see his sister reading a book in one of the wing backed chairs by the French doors. Not bothering to put the bottle down, Rae crossed over and flung himself into the chair opposite hers.

“Everything alright? You don’t normally drink at, what time is it?” Remiele looked at the watch on her wrist and shot her brother a reproachful look. “Two thirty in the afternoon? Azrael, what in the world?”

Another slug of whisky found itself poured down his throat before he responded to his sister. “Did you know Ardeur is a Nephilim?”

Remiele put her book down and gave her brother a surprised look. “No. Why? Is the Angel of Death afraid of a tiny woman?” The tightness around his mouth and the way the muscle ticked in the side of his jaw told Remiele just how on edge her brother truly was and she relented on the teasing. “She really disturbed you that much, Rae?”

“Yeah, she did. I’ve never seen anything like the power she let loose in the kitchen a few minutes ago. It calls to me.” His eyes caught a flicker of movement outside and he twitched the curtains aside to see the subject of their discussion making her way across the lawn toward the stand of Sycamore trees. “That woman could give me a serious run for my money if it came to a battle of wills, Remi.”

She followed his gaze and watched the woman who sat under a tree and closed her eyes. Remi smiled as she recognized the lotus position and turned back to contemplate the foul mood her brother was letting fester. “She seems harmless enough, Rae. Look at her.”

Azrael turned his gaze back out to look at Ardeur who was meditating under the trees with a ring of tiny birds calmly watching the curious creature in their midst. He couldn’t resist a small smile at the ridiculousness of the image that was made even more hilarious by the appearance of a fuzzy brown bunny at the edge of the circle. It sat and watched Ardeur, both ears flopped down on either side of its head, completely at ease and unaware of the wicked power Rae knew was hiding beneath the pretty blond package that Ardeur presented. “Run you fools. Run.”

The peaceful scene in the garden was interrupted by a shrill shriek followed shortly by a football that landed squarely where the bunny had been seconds before. Christian and Valencia, one of the other residents of the Abbey, bolted across the lawn to retrieve the football and Rae watched his brother’s lover make introductions. He turned back to face his sister and rolled his eyes at the smirk on her face.

“Seems to me, you’re the only one bothered by Ardeur.” Remiele cocked an eyebrow at her brother and gave him an appraising once over. “One would think that an Angel and a Necromancer would get along famously. No?”

Rae downed another inch of liquid courage before handing the bottle to Remiele and rising from his chair. “You would think so. If only it were as simple as her being a necro – but she isn’t. She’s Nephilim…and a dark one at that.” And my Archeia. My mate.

Remiele watched him leave and when she didn’t see Rae’s tall form crossing the lawn she made the decision to go out and join the small group laughing in the shade.

Rae sat down in the heavy wooden chair behind his desk and dropped his head into his hands. He hadn’t dared tell his sister that what had truly bothered him was that his power recognized what Ardeur had let loose in the kitchen.

The darkness in her soul matched the piece of himself that Rae had lost twenty five years ago. He had given it to her so she could live, unaware of the damnation that his gift would rain down upon the unsuspecting baby. Without meaning to, he’d turned her into a lesser form of himself and the power that had been inherent in the child had transformed Ardeur into something that was beyond rare in the realm of all things angelic.

Everything that Celine had told him about the miserable life Ardeur had led came back to Azrael. “I should have known, should have sensed the power in her when I held her soul.”

He dropped his head down to the thick blotter on the desktop with a heavy thud as the guilt took over. “Stupid dumbass move.”


The animals scattering and the subtle quaking of the earth under me were my first indications that something or someone was approaching, and damn fast too. A female screech was the second signal and my senses kicked into gear seconds before the football hit the ground and bounced up to land squarely in the palm of my hand.

I opened my eyes calmly and smiled at Christian and a woman I hadn’t met yet when they approached. They were laughing and pushing at each other, clearly having fun. “Hey, Chris. Who’s your friend?”

The beautiful brunette in designer everything dropped down to the grass, she didn’t seem to care whether she got grass stains on her clothes or not, and held her hand out to me. “Valencia. You must be Ardeur. Chris has been telling me about you.”

Christian flopped down on the grass next to Valencia and propped his head on his hand. He reached out and plucked the football from my hand. “Nice catch. I told ye nothing beyond her name and that she is a cute package of yumminess.” He flicked the football up into the air and caught it neatly. “Where did ye learn to catch a ball like that? I don’t think even Val here could have caught that with her super skills.”

I closed my eyes to open myself a bit and catch the flavor of Valencia’s energy. My eyes popped open in surprise and looked over the darkly beautiful creature that was part vampire and part human. She met my gaze and flashed her fangs at me while making a goofy face that had me, and Christian, laughing.

“Nice to meet you, Val. Don’t believe anything the Fairy told you about me. Lies – all lies.”

A shadow that ended at a pair of blood red stilettos fell over our trio and we all looked up to see Remiele smiling down at us. “Can I join the party or is it by invitation only?”

Chris scooted to sit down and patted the grass between himself and Val invitingly. “Free for all. Sit, Lovie and join the fun.” Remiele kicked her shoes off causing Christian to shriek like a banshee at her treatment of them. “Ye can’t treat Louboutin’s like that, Remi. Have ye no respect woman?”

I couldn’t help but laugh at the eye rolls from both Remiele and Valencia at Christian who had retrieved the precious designer shoes and was cuddling them like small, red leather children to his broad chest. Remiele retrieved her shoes and gave Christian a nudge with the tip of one. “Weren’t you two going to play football in the orchard?”

Valencia took the hint for what it was and rose, hand held out to Chris. “Come on, Rainbow Brite. I think the headmistress wants to talk to the new girl.” Christian hopped up, agile as a cat, and the two of them ran off toward what I assumed was the orchard.

Remiele turned back and I could tell by the way her eyes narrowed slightly that she was assessing me while formulating her strategy. I sat calmly, and smiled back at her under the undulating shadows of the sycamore leaves.

“I hear you gave Rae a bit of a show in the kitchen earlier.” Ah, so there it was. It hadn’t taken long for that newsflash to make the rounds. “Can I ask why you did it?”

The second question was unexpected and it took me a second to reply. “He refused to take no for an answer and kept pushing at my shields. My demon was pushing at them as well from the inside and, when I lost control of them, my shields dropped.” Our two sets of eyes met and searched each other; her slate blue to my darker periwinkle. “I gave him fair warning and he refused to listen.” My lips quirked into a half smile while my mind I recalled the horror on Rae’s face. “He pushed, and got what he wanted. It’s not my fault he didn’t like what he saw.”

Blue black curls bounced with her nod of understanding. Her lips parted, as if to speak, and I watched for a moment, waiting to see what she would ask next. “Does the meditation you do help?”

A burst of laughter bubbled up and out before I could stop it getting passed my lips. The startled look on Remiele’s face didn’t help any and the laughter started anew. I tried, between bouts of giggling, to explain that I wasn’t meditating but was actually reciting every shielding spell I could recall.

“Your brother screwed with my shields and I was trying desperately to fix things before Chris and Val showed up and startled me.”

My mention of shielding spells caught her attention and we spent the next hour comparing knowledge of various spells each of us had tried and whether we had found them to work or if they were useless. “Where did you learn all of these things, Ardeur? You have a vast knowledge of things that I truly didn’t expect you to understand; especially for one as young as you are.”

“Here, and there.” I shrugged and stood, dusting the bits of grass and dirt from my legs. “When my parents realized what I was capable of they took over my education. Only instead of having to read children’s stories they had me reading spell books and learning all kinds of occult things that a child shouldn’t know about.” Remiele stood and I smiled up at her. “Call me Ardy, please?”

Remiele nodded and tilted her head toward the library. “Come inside. Let me show you my collection of books. There is one I think you might find of particular interest.”

I followed her inside and learned just how interesting and invaluable her book was to someone such as me – a necromancer, but more importantly, someone sharing a body with a chaos demon.


The shadow falling over the page I was reading later that evening didn’t startle me. I was used to the shadows moving around me after having spent years hidden inside of them. “Excuse me? Are you Ardeur?” The sweet, sultry voice that came from behind me did catch my attention enough for me to lower the book and turn to see who was standing over my right shoulder.

Ooh, a succubus. Haven’t seen one of those in ages.

Shade perked up when I looked over the tall redhead with the most amazing eyes I had ever seen. Shut up jackass. “Yep. Who are you?”

My senses were swirling with the energy that was rolling off the woman as she circled around from behind my chair and sat in the one across from me. She was dressed in a short blue body hugging dress that might have been silk, but I couldn’t be sure since I’d never paid much attention to what I’d worn during my captivity and since then my wardrobe had been mostly denim, leather and cotton. Her perfume tickled my nose with the subtle scent of flowers and something musky underneath. Every inch of her oozed seduction.

What is it with these people and their designer clothes? Does being immortal equal a good wardrobe? Shade laughed but kept whatever smart answer he had to himself and left me to deal with the succubus on my own.

“My name is Nevan. I suspect your demon has already told you what I am so I’ll spare you the explanation.” She crossed her legs at the ankles and leaned forward, her swirling blue-green eyes nearly mesmerizing me with their shifting colors. It wasn’t hard to understand how men fell under a succubus’ spell so easily. “Remiele tells me that you are quite the powerhouse under the pretty, innocent exterior. She said you’re strong enough to have frightened even Azrael and I find that quite intriguing.”

I pulled the silky crimson ribbon that served as a bookmark over and laid it between the pages I’d been reading before closing the book and putting it aside. The action served a dual purpose for me in that it not only allowed me to break my eyes away from hers but also held my place in the book. I’d found an interesting chapter and would most definitely be coming back to it later.

When I looked back up it was with eyes gone soulless black. “Don’t push at my shields. Rae learned the hard way and I’m really not in the mood for a second go round today. Just tell me what you want and then get the hell out.”

She started to laugh. The sound was like the tinkling of bells and it only served to piss me off more until I had enough and let go just enough to give her a taste of what was hiding beneath the china doll appearance. “Now that I see I’ve got your attention, let me repeat – what do you want?”

“Eleuaphon.” Nevan blushed at the blurted out word and took a deep shuddering breath to compose herself before continuing. “Remiele told me that you could help me raise the spirit of her brother Eleuaphon to settle a dispute between Tate and Rae. I came to ask if you would, please, raise him for us.”

I blinked at her for a minute while I processed what she’d just asked me to do. “You want me to channel the spirit of an angel?” I’d never done anything like that before; didn’t know if I even could. “What do you care if Tate and Rae are fighting? Unless,” I looked her over and grinned as something that Rae had said in the kitchen earlier clicked in to place. “You’re the one. The woman that broke Tate’s heart. Well fuck a duck. Isn’t that just priceless?”

Something I’d said must have tripped a nerve because the next thing I knew the succubus was off her chair, in my face and the swirling colors in her eyes had fixed to a solid blue that glowed eerily from her drop dead gorgeous face. “Yes. I am the one Rae blames for turning one brother against him and for the death of the other.” She took a moment to compose herself and continued, “We, Remiele and I, need you to raise Eleuaphon in order for this ridiculous vendetta of Azrael’s to be put to rest.”

“And how do you know I can do this? Angels are supposed to be all virtuous and good; clearly – I’m not.”

The succubus and I sat in the quiet of the library for a moment while we contemplated each other. Her darker, more seductive looks in stark contrast to my much lighter, innocent ones. “You truly believe you’re not good enough? Don’t you know what you are? What you can do?”

“Do you?” I watched her eyes widen when I let go of the hold on my shields. The scent of death overpowered my own sweet tangerine smell. Nevan gasped as the room began to darken, lights flickering and then going out until nothing was left to illuminate the room but the light from the windows. “Do you really think I’m good, at all?”

I watched Nevan’s hair lift from her back by hands unseen or felt by her. The curtains rustled yet there was no breeze in the room and a pillow whizzed between us to land against the French doors.

“You’ve let your demon convince you that what you can do is evil, and that’s not what it is, Ardeur.” Her voice was strong, unwavering. “Remiele sensed the good in you, the innocence and I can too. You are not what your demon has tried to make you believe. You are good enough and you’re damn well strong enough. I can feel it, see it.”

Shade, of course, took this moment to pipe up and begin his usual evil egg, spawn of Satan speech in my head. Unfortunately for him, I’d about had enough of that particular tirade a long time ago. I smiled at the succubus and, just to piss the demon off, agreed to raise the dead angel for her and Remiele.

“Give me a few days to prepare. I’ll let you know when I’m ready.”

You stupid bitch. I’ll make you pay for that. Just you watch and see.

My eyes closed as if doing so would block out the obscenities that Shadekar was hurling at me.

When I opened them, the succubus was gone and I was once again alone in the library. I’d have been willing to bet that no time had passed except for the fact that the light coming through the windows was that of early dawn and the clothes I was wearing were not the ones I’d had on when I sat down in the chair.

A chill ran down my spine as I stood and fled the library in search of my room and the clothes I hoped I’d find there. My bag had yet to surface and the few items of clothes I’d been able to borrow were precious. Without them I’d be forced to wear whatever Shade found to dress me in when he broke through my shields and took over running the show.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I found the shortened jeans from Valencia and the t-shirt Remiele had given me lying haphazardly across the bed. “Thank god.”

There was a knock on the door as I reached for the jeans and I turned to see Remiele standing in the doorway with an expression somewhere between shock and amusement on her face. “What on Earth are you wearing?”

“You don’t want to know. Can you gather everyone in the library at five? We’re raising your brother tonight.”

The expression on her beautiful face solidified into shock at my request. “Oh, um, okay. Everyone?”

I started to peel off the camisole that was barely covering my assets and turned my back to her. “Yep. I’ve got a few things I need to read up on but I’m pretty sure I’ve got down what needs to be done. Trust me, the more people that are there the better.” I pulled the scrap of black material over my head and looked at Remiele over my shoulder. “If you’ll excuse me – I need to get dressed.”

The sound of stilettos echoing down the hall told me she was gone and I hurried to change so that I could get back to the library and the book that had given me the key to getting rid of Shadekar for good.

He’ll never agree to it. No one ever wanted to help you before so why start now?

“Buzz off Shade.” It was going to be a long day.

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The Adventures of Wonderslut, Installment Three


Over a suburb of Denver, Felicity Plumswindle, aka Wonderslut, turned off the Maserati’s jet engines and coasted to a soft landing on the local high school football field.

“Sa-weet.“ Sitting next to her in the Slutmobile, Jason whistled through his teeth. “But doesn’t anyone ever spot you landing or taking off?”

“Only that one time in Roswell,” she answered as she turned on the piston engine and drove onto the surface street.

“Hey, can I drive back?” He gave her the boyish grin that always made her warm and runny inside.

“Not until you get a pilot’s license,” she said. “Besides, I have a feeling you’re going to be too tired to do much of anything after we complete this mission.”

“My first. I hope I don’t fuck it up.”

“Fuck it up, down, and every which way but loose.“ She made a left onto Desperate’s street. “That’s what we’re here for.”

Peering through the windshield, Felicity spotted the house number and pulled into the driveway behind a sports car and a small SUV. After climbing out, she glanced around, assessing the situation. A small house – one story so they wouldn’t have to deal with any upstairs windows. No sign of an alarm system.

Jason came up on her side. “What do you think?”

“Let’s look for a back entrance.” They followed a gravel path around the corner of the house and found a door under a rose arbor.

“Nice little love nest Dave and Desperate have here,” Jason said.

“Let’s see if we can bring some passion to paradise.” Felicity reached into the pocket sewn into her cape and pulled out her lock pickers. One fit perfectly, and she let them both in and closed the door behind them. They found themselves in a kitchen with a promising corridor leading off to one side. Felicity nodded in that direction, and Jason followed her silently into the hall. Toward the end, the sound of soft snoring came to them through an open door.

Dave and Eileen were tangled around each other under the covers, forming one lump of love. Felicity sighed. That didn’t look half bad – something she might find for herself some day when she retired from making sure all deserving people had orgasms. At that point, she could devote herself to one lover and settle down. Bake pies, plant a garden, knit booties. Yeah, and pull weeds, wash diapers, and clean green gunk out of the fridge. Ahem.

She glanced over to find Jason staring at her with a kind of soft look in his eyes. “What are you looking at?”

He shook himself. “Nothing.”

“Let’s get to work.”

One of the sleeping beauties roused. Eileen pushed bangs out of her face and sat up. Her gaze didn’t focus for a moment, but when it did, her eyes went wide. “Wonderslut?”

“One and the same,” Felicity answered.

Eileen spotted Jason, or The Piston, in his snug unitard. Her eyes went wide with appreciation. “Who’s he?”

“Yeah, who is he?” That came from Dave, who’d also awakened and now sat with his arm draped possessively over Eileen’s shoulders.

“We’re all going to have to be flexible tonight,” Felicity said. “No negatives, no inhibitions.”

“Please, darling.” Eileen’s adoring eyes gazed into Dave’s. “We discussed this.”

“Are you sure, angel face?” he answered. “I love you just the way you are.”

“But I want to make you happy in every way there is, honey.”

Oh, brother. This sweetness would give Felicity cavities in another minute. “You’re a good guy, Dave, and we’re going to make this good for you, too.”

Dave took a moment to give Felicity the once-over. “Does that mean…”

“You get to fuck Wonderslut,” she answered. “I personally guarantee that.”

Dave turned to Eileen. “You sure you don‘t mind?”

“If it’ll help us…”

“Okay.” Dave straightened his shoulders into a posture of the gallant warrior, willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Bullshit, of course, but kind of cute. In fact, pretty much everything about Dave was kind of cute. She might get her own reward out of this. All in a night’s work.

She centered herself for a moment, letting the more primitive parts of her mind have free rein over pure intellect. The familiar energy flowed through her, and she channeled it through her heart and out of her fingertips in a gesture toward Dave. As she’d intended, the light blanket over his midsection tented up as he got a very nice hard-on. Yes, very nice.

“Wonderslut!” he said. “You can really do that?”

“Only for good, Dave, and I plan to make it good. For everyone.”

“Hot damn.” He tossed back the covers, reached into the fly of his pajamas, and pulled out his rigid cock. “I‘m for that.”

“Let’s start with a little girl talk.” Felicity sat next to Eileen. “You can’t come at all?”

Eileen stared into her own lap. “Except in dreams.”

“Is Dave ever in those dreams?” Felicity asked.

“Yes,” Eileen answered softly.

“Don’t be ashamed of that, girl,” Felicity said. “Be glad.”

Dave put his hand on his lover’s shoulder. “I’m so proud, angel.”

“We’re going to make it so you can climax in real life.” Felicity lifted Eileen’s chin and looked directly into her face. She was a pretty, little thing – the sort who pulled at all of Wonderslut’s protective instincts. Just the sort of person she had pledged to help. “Let’s start with oral sex.”

“But that’s so…” Eileen bit her lip for a moment. “…messy.”

“Sex is messy. That‘s half the fun.” It’d probably get majorly messy before the evening had ended. “You mean Dave has never kissed your pussy before?”

“I’ve offered,” Dave said.

“And you’ve never kissed Dave…er…there, either?” Good Lord, when was the last time she’d called a cock “there”?

“I want to make him happy,” Eileen said. “I just can’t do that.”

“You can, and you will, and you’ll like it. Tonight.” Felicity nodded her head toward Jason. “Later on, I’ll show you how with the Piston.”

Jason’s face almost split with a smile. It looked rather dumb on a guy in a superhero outfit. Come to think of it, most men turned to mush at the promise of some head. In fact, Jason and Dave resembled twins right now, both grinning like bastards.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Felicity went on. “I’m going to help you relax while Dave and the Piston give you an orgasm. Want to try it?”

While Felicity shrugged out of her cape and removed her boots, Dave helped his lover off with her nightgown and undressed himself, easing his pajama bottoms around the impressive boner Wonderslut had just given him. To protect the bed, Jason also took off his footware as Felicity positioned herself at the top of the bed. Sitting cross-legged, she took Eileen’s head into her lap and massaged her temples. After a few seconds, she gave Eileen a bit of the same charge that had worked so well on Dave. Eileen let out a little yip, and her eyes flew open.

“Relax,” Felicity whispered. “Just relax and enjoy.”

Eileen swallowed and nodded.

“My sidekick is going to love your breasts for a minute. That’ll feel good, won’t it?” Felicity gave Eileen another dose of sexual charge. This time Eileen eased into it, moaning and stretching herself out to signal her readiness. Nodding, Felicity signaled to Jason that he could begin. He went right to work by taking one of Eileen’s nipples into his mouth and stroking the other one with his palm.

Dave propped himself on his lover’s other side and pressed his mouth to her ear. “This is all for you, honey. I want you to be happy.”

In her years as Avenger of the Non-Orgasmic, Felicity had seen all the different sides of human nature. Usually, the problems between people started with someone’s selfishness. Very rarely did she run into a guy like Dave – a man who deserved nothing but the best. He’d have that tonight, and if Wonderslut could work wonders with people’s sex lives – and she certainly could – Dave would spend the rest of his life with an insatiable lover in Eileen.

The lady in question had already lost some of her inhibition, and had now buried her fingers in Jason’s hair as he circled his tongue around one nipple and used his fingers to tease the other. Her breath had turned shallow and rapid, punctuated by gasps from time to time. Dave’s hand wandered over Eileen’s ribs and downward toward her belly. Briefly, he glanced up at Felicity for approval, and she smiled back. When he touched the lips between Eileen’s legs, she tensed, but Felicity rubbed her temples, and she relaxed again with a sigh.

Moving slowly, Dave positioned himself between his lover’s thighs and covered her pussy with his mouth. This time, Eileen’s shudder came from pleasure, not alarm.

“Oh,” she said. “Oh, that’s good.”

“You bet,” Felicity said.

Dave continued with his lips and tongue. He obviously knew what he was doing because Eileen’s breath became labored and uneven. After a moment, Felicity’s imagination started wandering to the hot spot between her own legs and how great it would feel to have one of the guys giving her what Eileen was enjoying. Every time she stimulated someone else with the powers of her mind, she got a bit of a jolt herself. She’d done it for both Dave and Eileen, and damn it all, she needed some of the same treatment the other woman was getting. Sometimes making sure everyone else got satisfied was a bitch.

As Eileen’s sighs turned to cries of pleasure, Felicity let herself plan what she’d do with one or both of the men. After all, she needed to demonstrate for Eileen how to satisfy Dave. She’d ride one of those happy woodies or maybe alternate between the two. She could keep both of them hard for hours if it would benefit this good couple. Yeah, she’d feel good by doing good. Exactly why she’d gone into this line of work.


What the… She looked down to discover that Eileen’s eyes had opened. Jason was still working his magic on her breasts, and Dave hadn’t stopped lavishing his attention on her pussy. Why hadn’t the woman surrendered to all that goodness yet?

“What’s wrong?” Felicity asked.

“I can ‘t…I just can’t,” Eileen answered.

“Of course, you can.” Telling the woman to relax would have the opposite effect, so Felicity reached back down into her brain…all the way to id…and pulled out the most primitive desires she could find. She shot them through her fingertips into Eileen’s temples.

The woman’s eyes closed, and her jaw tensed. “Oh…my…God.”

“That’s it. Let it happen.” And fast, so Felicity could get some satisfaction for the throbbing in her own pussy.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” Finally, Eileen climaxed. And how. Her hips jerked upward, but Dave held on, finishing her.

When it ended, Eileen sagged into a puddle of flesh, moaning softly. Felicity eased Eileen’s head onto the pillow and stretched her legs to work out some kinks. “As good as your dreams?”

Eileen opened her eyes and sighed. “Better. Much, much better.”

“And what do you want to do to thank Dave for all his work?”

“You don’t have to do anything, honey,” Dave said. “You’ve made me so proud.”

“Doesn’t work that way, Dave.” Felicity crooked a finger, indicating he should sit up. “The loving should go in both directions. Isn’t there something you’d really like Eileen to do?”


“Time to learn how to pleasure your man, Eileen,” Felicity said.

“With my mouth?” Eileen croaked.

“There you go. I knew you’d be a quick learner.” Felicity tapped Jason on the shoulder. “I’ll demonstrate on the Piston if that’s okay with him.”

“I think I can manage.” Jason rose to a kneeling position. The bulge under his unitard proved that he’d managed very well, indeed. She reached to his fly. “Watch what I do and give Dave the same treatment.”

Now that Eileen has had great oral sex, will she return the favor for Dave? Will Dave get to fuck Wonderslut, as Felicity has promised? In the meantime, what’s going on outside at the Slutmobile?

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Slip Slide and Away…

Ahh.. and here we are dear readers, back again talking about great sex toys.

Today’s Topic: LUBE

But before I get into that and tell you my favorite, I have something sensitive to cover: Shaving.

Most men act like this is only a woman’s role, obviously, I’m not counting the shaving they daily do/or do not do on their own faces. We shave our legs and underarms, our bikini area, closer in where the bikini does not cover – and even do some artful trimming. Having no hair in certain areas ensures better access to those areas by your lover.

If it can be touched, it can be licked. If it can be fondled it can be sucked. So answer me this: Who in the hell wants hair in their mouth or… ugh… stuck in their teeth?

I’ve opened many a lover’s eye to the joys of shaving. Here’s my party line as I slaver up their unmentionables while holding a razor in my hand: It makes it look bigger, and every place that is hair-free will get a TON of attention.

Need I say more?

Men! Get out those razors and shave with care. Your partners have eager and loving mouths just waiting to explore you. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If you haven’t done any man-scaping at this point in your life then you should and someone should smack your partner for accepting anything less.

Dilapidation has been around since before the Kama Sutra was written– servants were employed strictly to hand-tweeze the genitalia of the wealthy. And the mere thought of tweezing that most sensitive of areas leaves me shuddering.

Okay – moving on past the uncomfortable hygiene lesson. Once you’re smooth and ready for action here is the product to try:

The BEST lubrication I’ve ever used, and one I would buy stock in the company if I could, is Pjur, Original Formula, Super Concentrated Body Glide made by a company in Germany and available worldwide (but of course you can buy it right at Isn’t that place just great?).

This product is fabulous for so many reasons – first, it’s highly concentrated. Very little goes a long, long way – please keep that in mind when you use it (and it makes the price that much easier to understand). It is odorless and almost tasteless, although I can detect a little taste and so I plan accordingly on when to apply it. It lasts through long encounters. Having to re-lube or have the friction overpower the lube is never fun. Choosing a good product right out of the gate never cuts into the moment, it only enhances it. And last, but certainly not least, it never gets sticky, it stays the same throughout the encounter.

Here are some of the reviews online – and out of 73, almost all were 4 and 5 stars (giving it an overall rating of 4.5)

We discovered this product years ago and it is simply the best lubricant on the market. We’ve tried other “premium” lubricants and, frankly, they just don’t hold a candle to this one. It’s long lasting, isn’t sticky, and washes off easily. Sure it’s a bit on the expensive side, but you use much less than you do for other brands of lubricant. Well worth the extra $ in our opinion. Plus, the cap stays on tightly preventing accidental leaks. All in all probably the best lubricant we’ve ever used.


Pricey, but lasts for a few years. Just a few drops are plenty to lubricate making every thrust very smooth. Extremely enjoyable!

**personal observation here – a few years?  They need to have more sex!! Maybe six to nine months, but years? Eek-gads!

I was introduced to this product by a boyfriend years ago and have kept an eye out for it ever since!! Not only did I find it here, the price is significantly lower than a store I happened to find it at the week after I got my order from here delivered! You don’t need a lot, and by that I mean start with one drop and see if you need a second, the reapplication is almost never needed, and it just makes the whole experience that much better, be it boyfriend or toybox you are spending the evening with!


Due to post menopause and sjogren’s sydrome the issue of intercourse had been an impossibility for over 5 years. Now I have returned confidence and intimacy with my partner. This product is fantastic. No more burning or friction. Forget the replens product.


It takes some getting used to if you use water-based lubes most of the time, but in the end it’s worth it. I have been searching for the best “backdoor” lube and have tried a lot of great products, but this one really takes the cake – the greatest selling point is that it does not need to be re-wetted. It’s also thick enough that you don’t need to use very much, and it warms up instantly – none of those “this might be cold” moments, haha. Like others have mentioned, it does not get sticky, and makes skin very soft and nice-feeling! You need to use less, and it lasts forever, so even though it costs more, it lasts a lot longer than other lubes, and is well worth the price, to me. However, I have found it is not really suitable to use with silicone toys as it seems to melt them a little (oops) and is very difficult to wash off.

I’ve been using it for over ten years now, when it used to be called Eros, and if this company ever goes under I’ll be buying the stuff by the case to ensure I never run out in my lifetime.

C.J.’s Rating: Five Big O’s

Little known fact for another reason why to have lube on hand: Women who take baths (over showers) may not get the fast response from their bodies they are used to (and thus, may require assistance from an outside lubrication) – the warm water leeches moisture from their skin. All of their skin, inside and out.

So even if you’re soaking in the tub with the latest erotica book, gearing yourself up to seduce your husband, or enjoying a soak in anticipation to a pre-arranged lover’s tryst – please be aware that the bath water will leave you not as “ready” as you might like (or as ready as your mind is after all that sexy reading!).

Lube is every lover’s friend. It will allow you to explore positions and openings you may not have in the past, it can help give you a satisfying quickie, it can speed up your enjoyment of a tryst if your lover is large and your body isn’t accommodating as fast as you’d like, it can make those toys feel incredible, and as you age it can help replace the natural moisture your body produces due to less hormones.

Pjur is a silicone based lube. This is important! Do not use it with silicone based toys. It creates a surface reaction on the toy that breaks down the item’s silicone, causing it to deteriorate and lose the slickness that makes silicone toys so special. For these types you’ll need a water-based lubricant.

A good one I’ve found is called Wet. But it still isn’t as good as the Pjur, so that means I don’t buy many silicone toys. Yes, I like the product that much. Oh and in doing research for this post for online links, I discovered there is a new product called Pjur Aqua that is a water based product, so I’ll be buying that today to see how well it works. The reviews were split on whether it was any good, so who knows.

Grab that lube and get your freaky on! The fun has just begun!


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