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Thunderbolts and Lightning-Very, Very Frightening

Content advisory: graphic language and sexual nature.  “Zeus, father of gods and mortals.” Whether Homer meant this literally or metaphorically, there’s no denying the supreme ruler of the Pantheon of gods knew how to please the ladies, no matter what … Continue reading

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Ancient Party Girls

WARNING:   Graphic sexual language and artwork. Prostitution—the oldest profession in the world. Whether the adage is true or not, there’s no denying the practice of selling sex has flourished for millennia. Unlike today’s notion of prostitution, harlotry didn’t begin in … Continue reading

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Part one – Pompeii’s Glory Days  Fire, brimstone, and molten lava vomited from the center of Mount Vesuvius on August 24, 79 AD. The ash and fire covered Pompeii and buried its victims, freezing the scenes of everyday life like a … Continue reading

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Do you like erotic stories? Have you wondered about sex toys but were too shy to buy? Can you tell the difference between provocative artwork and porn? Or have you secretly wanted to read a dirty version of “Dear Abby”? … Continue reading

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