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Thunderbolts and Lightning-Very, Very Frightening

Content advisory: graphic language and sexual nature.  “Zeus, father of gods and mortals.” Whether Homer meant this literally or metaphorically, there’s no denying the supreme ruler of the Pantheon of gods knew how to please the ladies, no matter what … Continue reading

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Lord of Shadows

Lord of Shadows is an ongoing serial story. Content advisory: m/f sex, oral sex ~One~ Tierney pressed his hand against the window and stared out into the night as rain pelted the glass. There were rules a vampire followed if … Continue reading

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The Erotic Adventures of Sidony Tassen ~ Part Three

Content advisory: masturbation, ménage a trois Continuation from October 11, 2010 Upset by Jason’s abrupt departure, Sidony falls asleep and into a dream unlike anything she has ever experienced. The man who comes to her promises to give Sidony what … Continue reading

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Possession is Nine Tenths – Ardeur Chapter 10

** Continuation of November 7th, 2010 post. Please click here for Chapter 9. Ten Rae slammed the door behind him as he stormed in to the sitting room in search of something to let loose on. His eyes landed on … Continue reading

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The Adventures of Wonderslut, Installment Three

  Over a suburb of Denver, Felicity Plumswindle, aka Wonderslut, turned off the Maserati’s jet engines and coasted to a soft landing on the local high school football field. “Sa-weet.“ Sitting next to her in the Slutmobile, Jason whistled through … Continue reading

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Slip Slide and Away…

Ahh.. and here we are dear readers, back again talking about great sex toys. Today’s Topic: LUBE But before I get into that and tell you my favorite, I have something sensitive to cover: Shaving. Most men act like this … Continue reading

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Working Late

Content advisory: m/f graphic sex, light BDSM elements Brenda finished typing and hit save. The blasted report that Mr. Carswell demanded to have on his desk first thing tomorrow was finally finished. She arched her back and glanced at the … Continue reading

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