Preview of Cassiela – Book II in the Possesion is Nine Tenths Series


Book Two in the Possession is Nine Tenths Series

The residents of Mount Angel Abbey’s Sanctuary are preparing for war. They’ve discovered that someone has been playing havoc with Azrael and Cassiela’s lives. What follows is Chapter Sixteen of the follow up book to Possession is Nine Tenths – Ardeur.

Cassiela is scheduled for release in late Spring of 2011.

With Remiele busy tending to her patient, the dining room was no longer used for evening meals. Everyone fended for themselves and ate in the cozy camaraderie of the kitchen. We’d found a better use for the immense cherry wood dining table anyway.

Reports had begun to flood in the day after my visit to the Children’s Garden. A near constant influx of status updates, troop movements and provisioning requests came through our informal command post. The dark surface of the table was littered with scrolls, thick sheaves of parchment and several laptop computers.

I sat in my chair next to Rae and chewed my ham and cheese sandwich while awaiting his opinion on the report I’d passed to him. The ridge between his eyes and the firm set of his jaw matched the angry bubble in my veins.

“Another delay?” He tossed the parchment onto the table, nearly knocking over my apple juice in the process.

“Easy. You nearly drowned my laptop.”

“Sorry.” Rae picked up the parchment again and placed it atop the ever growing pile of notes from Raphael. “I’m so sick of this waiting game. It’s been two weeks of wait and see. Wait and see is getting on my god damn nerves.”

“Down boy.” I put the half of my sandwich back down on the plate and leaned forward. His big hand was warm as I slid mine around it. “We knew going into this that Raphael was a dot his I’s and cross his t’s kind of guy. He has to be even more careful in this case.”

“I know. I know.”

“Then relax. I’m sure things will start moving soon.”

Rae traded me his right hand for the left and ran the freed one through my hair. He pulled me closer, our lips a breath apart. The thud of my pulse beat heavy in the silence between us.  “Here?”


Chair legs scraped back on hardwood. A shimmer of power flared over my skin as Rae blocked the room from entry. I closed my eyes and savoured the warm rush before slipping over to sit in my mate’s lap.

My legs straddled the chair, feet wrapped around the legs for support and hands on the strong shoulders of the man I was sitting on.

“Cassie…damn it woman.” Azrael’s hands slid inside the thin cotton of my pink t-shirt. His callused fingers caressed the bare skin of my back. A pained groan slipped from him when he discovered my lack of bra. “That’s so hot, baby.”

“Mmm, I thought you might enjoy that little omission.” I nipped at the thick, corded muscles of his neck. He sucked in a breath and I smiled. The thick ridge of his erection twitched between us straining for release from the heavy cargo pants he wore. “I love that I do that to you.”

Rae’s tongue traced the contour of my bottom lip and I raised my arms for him to pull the t-shirt over my head. His warm breath bathed my skin as he bent and pulled my right nipple into his mouth. I gasped at the searing heat of his tongue on my skin and arched into his other hand as it cupped my left breast. The callused palm of his right hand caught against the pebble tip and my hips scooted closer. I could almost feel every detail of him through the thin skirt I’d chosen to wear that morning.

“Did you forget underwear too?”

“Yep.” He groaned, his free hand slid down and cupped my backside through the flimsy material.

“Fuck me.”

“Soon.” My fingers found the edge of his t-shirt and yanked, insisted that he bare that amazing chest to me. “Need you naked.”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

Azrael blinked and our clothes dematerialized. The heavy length of his erection bumped against my abdomen and my hips rocked forward instinctively. His grip on my bottom tightened and pulled me closer still.

I slid a hand down between us and rubbed my thumb over the swollen purple head of his shaft. The bead of moisture that had appeared at the tip made the velvety skin slick under my touch.

“Cassie.” Rae’s voice was strangled with need. “Please.”

My other hand gripped the back of the chair and I lifted my hips, guided him to my entrance. Rae slid inside and I bit my lip, taking every inch of him in down to the root. I shifted my hips again and dual groans echoed through the room as we fell into a familiar, frantic rhythm.

The chair creaked beneath us as our bodies rocked together. I dug my nails into Rae’s shoulder and gasped as he bent me back and pulled the hardened peak of a nipple into his mouth.

“Come for me, Cass.” Rae’s mouth fastened on the other nipple and gave it a hard suck. His hands gripped my hips and the sound of our bodies slamming together echoed hard and fast in the silence of the room.

“Oh god.” I slid my fingers into his hair and held him close. “Rae. Yes. Mmmm, yes.”

Every muscle in my body sat poised on the brink, tight with anticipation of falling over into the bliss that promised release from the pressure built up inside. I groaned, frustrated that it stayed beyond my reach.

Rae stood and sat me on the edge of the table. “Lean back, baby. Let go and it’ll come.”

“The papers. We’ll…” His finger shushed me and the reports and requisitions crinkled beneath my back. The blue glow of his eyes bathed the room with the evidence of his desire for me and I felt the edge get that little bit closer.

His left arm hooked under my right knee and lifted it as he pushed further inside with a slow groan of pleasure. “Touch yourself, Cass. Play with those beautiful nipples for me.”

The gentle command in his voice was undeniable. My fingers found the peaks of each breast and I pulled and twisted them as he’d instructed.

“Shit, that’s sexy.”

“More. Need more.” I arched off the table and moaned as he pounded into me. The sound of our skin slamming together was whip crack sharp. “Touch me. Please, touch me.”

The callused pad of his thumb brushed over my clit once, twice and, like the charm that it was, on the third sweep I screamed as the heavens parted and I tumbled over the edge.

“That’s it, baby.” Rae’s breathing was ragged and each exhale was a blast of heat against my sensitized skin. “Yeah, that’s it.” His other arm slid up beneath my knee and opened me further to the pounding onslaught between my thighs. “Once more, Cassie. Gimme one more.”

His hips jack hammered against me, balls slapping against my ass as the friction built to an incredible fever pitch and I exploded around him again.

“Rae.” I screamed and bucked; a wild thing beneath him. “Come…now.”

My nails sank into the thick muscles of his forearms. He slammed into me twice more and growled as the warm flood of his orgasm filled my channel and pulled a third shattering climax from me.

Azrael’s hips twitched against mine as he finished pumping inside of me and I moaned, spent and utterly satisfied. I barely noticed when he lifted me from the tabletop and sat back down on the chair.

The sweaty round of his shoulder cushioned my cheek and I closed my eyes with a sigh. My tired mind recognized the sound as an “I love you” but I had no energy left to question it or myself.


Cassie hadn’t professed her love, had she? Oh yeah, that was an “I love you”. She may not realize it, but that’s what it was. Ready for that yet buddy boy? “Fuck.”

He held her tight against his chest while his body calmed from another intense round of – what would what they’d done be called? Sex or love making? It had been raunchy enough to qualify as straight up sex.

A knock at the door pulled Rae from his thoughts and back to the present. He was sitting in their command center, naked, with an equally naked Cassie in his lap and the air was thick with the smell of – whatever they’d done.

“Rae. Open tha door. Ye’ve got a visitor.”

“Just a sec.”

Christian’s impatient huff echoed through the door. “Just cover tha lass and open tha damn door. It’s not like we didn’t hear tha screaming down tha hall.”

Rae quirked an eyebrow at the Fairy’s words and took the extra second to dress them both before flicking the lock open with a thought.

“Woo, smell tha love in tha air in here.” Chris smirked and stepped inside. Raphael was hot on his heels.

“I hope you’re ready, my friend. It’s time.” His eyes shifted to Cassiela and the ghost of a smile curved Raphael’s lips. “I’m glad to see the two of you are bonding well, but wake her up. We’ve got a war brewing and all hands are needed on deck. Your little scribe is going to have to fight if you want your revenge.”

“Cassie doesn’t fight. That wasn’t the deal.”

“Like hell I’m not fighting.” Azrael looked down into glowing green eyes filled with determination. “I’ve got just as much on the line here as you do Rae. I’ll fight and any asshole that gets in my way will find my sword through his heart.”

He studied her face and nodded once. “You stay at my side.” His eyes rose and focused on Raphael. “Anything happens to her and I’ll have your head on a plate.”

“Understood. Now gear up, the troops are getting into formation and waiting for their commanders.”

Rae’s eyes flicked up and then returned to Cassie’s face. He studied her intently while he waited for the others to leave.

“I’ll make this quick.” She blinked and he sighed. “Before you fell asleep you whispered something. Do you remember what it was?”

“No, I…” He watched the blush creep over her face. “Oh, my god.”

“Do you, Cassie? Do you love me?”

Everything that flickered through her mind played out on Cassie’s face so fast Rae couldn’t keep up. Her eyes, usually the pale green found on the underside of a leaf, shifted from light to dark and every nuance in between.

“If I say yes, will you run screaming?”

Azrael reached out and cupped her cheek in his right hand. “No. I’ll stay right here and count myself the luckiest angel ever.”

She smiled and it lit up her face. The glow of happiness spread until her skin shone with it. “Then yes, I love you Azrael, Angel of Death and of my heart.”

“I love you too.” Her mouth opened to object and he shushed her with a kiss. “I mean it. Now,” Rae kissed her again. “Suit up, we’ve got a war to wage and I’m not known for being late to a fight.”

Cassie smiled and switched her outfit to the leathers she’d been wearing when Rae had first laid eyes on her. He hadn’t realized it then, but she looked fierce and glorious in the tight fitting leather pants.

“When this is all said and done – you are so wearing those for me in our bedroom.”

She laughed and shook her ass at him as she headed for the door. “We’ll see. I’ve got a few other things in my drawer you might like better than these.”

Rae flashed into his midnight black leathers and circled the table toward her. “And where have you been hiding those the last two weeks? All I’ve seen is your bare skin, which is spectacular, or those god awful nightgowns. I’m burning those when we get back, by the way.”

“No, you’re not.” She scooted out the door, laughter trailing behind. It came to an abrupt stop as she ran out into the hallway.

Rae skidded to a halt bare inches from her behind and blinked at the gathering in the entry. “Holy crap.”

Every spare inch of floor space was filled. Wall to wall angels stood at attention facing Rae and Cassie. He braced his hands on her shoulders and studied the stoic faces of the men and women who’d come to fight at their sides.

“Attention! Commanders on the floor.”

Cassie turned her face up to Rae’s and smiled. “We are so going to kick Michael’s ass.”

“Absofuckinglutely, as I once heard a very smart angel say. Absolutely.” He kissed the tip of her nose and focused his eyes on the soldiers awaiting his order. “Roll out boys and girls! We’ve got us an Archangel to take down.”

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