The Adventures of Wonderslut, Installment Three


Over a suburb of Denver, Felicity Plumswindle, aka Wonderslut, turned off the Maserati’s jet engines and coasted to a soft landing on the local high school football field.

“Sa-weet.“ Sitting next to her in the Slutmobile, Jason whistled through his teeth. “But doesn’t anyone ever spot you landing or taking off?”

“Only that one time in Roswell,” she answered as she turned on the piston engine and drove onto the surface street.

“Hey, can I drive back?” He gave her the boyish grin that always made her warm and runny inside.

“Not until you get a pilot’s license,” she said. “Besides, I have a feeling you’re going to be too tired to do much of anything after we complete this mission.”

“My first. I hope I don’t fuck it up.”

“Fuck it up, down, and every which way but loose.“ She made a left onto Desperate’s street. “That’s what we’re here for.”

Peering through the windshield, Felicity spotted the house number and pulled into the driveway behind a sports car and a small SUV. After climbing out, she glanced around, assessing the situation. A small house – one story so they wouldn’t have to deal with any upstairs windows. No sign of an alarm system.

Jason came up on her side. “What do you think?”

“Let’s look for a back entrance.” They followed a gravel path around the corner of the house and found a door under a rose arbor.

“Nice little love nest Dave and Desperate have here,” Jason said.

“Let’s see if we can bring some passion to paradise.” Felicity reached into the pocket sewn into her cape and pulled out her lock pickers. One fit perfectly, and she let them both in and closed the door behind them. They found themselves in a kitchen with a promising corridor leading off to one side. Felicity nodded in that direction, and Jason followed her silently into the hall. Toward the end, the sound of soft snoring came to them through an open door.

Dave and Eileen were tangled around each other under the covers, forming one lump of love. Felicity sighed. That didn’t look half bad – something she might find for herself some day when she retired from making sure all deserving people had orgasms. At that point, she could devote herself to one lover and settle down. Bake pies, plant a garden, knit booties. Yeah, and pull weeds, wash diapers, and clean green gunk out of the fridge. Ahem.

She glanced over to find Jason staring at her with a kind of soft look in his eyes. “What are you looking at?”

He shook himself. “Nothing.”

“Let’s get to work.”

One of the sleeping beauties roused. Eileen pushed bangs out of her face and sat up. Her gaze didn’t focus for a moment, but when it did, her eyes went wide. “Wonderslut?”

“One and the same,” Felicity answered.

Eileen spotted Jason, or The Piston, in his snug unitard. Her eyes went wide with appreciation. “Who’s he?”

“Yeah, who is he?” That came from Dave, who’d also awakened and now sat with his arm draped possessively over Eileen’s shoulders.

“We’re all going to have to be flexible tonight,” Felicity said. “No negatives, no inhibitions.”

“Please, darling.” Eileen’s adoring eyes gazed into Dave’s. “We discussed this.”

“Are you sure, angel face?” he answered. “I love you just the way you are.”

“But I want to make you happy in every way there is, honey.”

Oh, brother. This sweetness would give Felicity cavities in another minute. “You’re a good guy, Dave, and we’re going to make this good for you, too.”

Dave took a moment to give Felicity the once-over. “Does that mean…”

“You get to fuck Wonderslut,” she answered. “I personally guarantee that.”

Dave turned to Eileen. “You sure you don‘t mind?”

“If it’ll help us…”

“Okay.” Dave straightened his shoulders into a posture of the gallant warrior, willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Bullshit, of course, but kind of cute. In fact, pretty much everything about Dave was kind of cute. She might get her own reward out of this. All in a night’s work.

She centered herself for a moment, letting the more primitive parts of her mind have free rein over pure intellect. The familiar energy flowed through her, and she channeled it through her heart and out of her fingertips in a gesture toward Dave. As she’d intended, the light blanket over his midsection tented up as he got a very nice hard-on. Yes, very nice.

“Wonderslut!” he said. “You can really do that?”

“Only for good, Dave, and I plan to make it good. For everyone.”

“Hot damn.” He tossed back the covers, reached into the fly of his pajamas, and pulled out his rigid cock. “I‘m for that.”

“Let’s start with a little girl talk.” Felicity sat next to Eileen. “You can’t come at all?”

Eileen stared into her own lap. “Except in dreams.”

“Is Dave ever in those dreams?” Felicity asked.

“Yes,” Eileen answered softly.

“Don’t be ashamed of that, girl,” Felicity said. “Be glad.”

Dave put his hand on his lover’s shoulder. “I’m so proud, angel.”

“We’re going to make it so you can climax in real life.” Felicity lifted Eileen’s chin and looked directly into her face. She was a pretty, little thing – the sort who pulled at all of Wonderslut’s protective instincts. Just the sort of person she had pledged to help. “Let’s start with oral sex.”

“But that’s so…” Eileen bit her lip for a moment. “…messy.”

“Sex is messy. That‘s half the fun.” It’d probably get majorly messy before the evening had ended. “You mean Dave has never kissed your pussy before?”

“I’ve offered,” Dave said.

“And you’ve never kissed Dave…er…there, either?” Good Lord, when was the last time she’d called a cock “there”?

“I want to make him happy,” Eileen said. “I just can’t do that.”

“You can, and you will, and you’ll like it. Tonight.” Felicity nodded her head toward Jason. “Later on, I’ll show you how with the Piston.”

Jason’s face almost split with a smile. It looked rather dumb on a guy in a superhero outfit. Come to think of it, most men turned to mush at the promise of some head. In fact, Jason and Dave resembled twins right now, both grinning like bastards.

“Here’s what we’re going to do,” Felicity went on. “I’m going to help you relax while Dave and the Piston give you an orgasm. Want to try it?”

While Felicity shrugged out of her cape and removed her boots, Dave helped his lover off with her nightgown and undressed himself, easing his pajama bottoms around the impressive boner Wonderslut had just given him. To protect the bed, Jason also took off his footware as Felicity positioned herself at the top of the bed. Sitting cross-legged, she took Eileen’s head into her lap and massaged her temples. After a few seconds, she gave Eileen a bit of the same charge that had worked so well on Dave. Eileen let out a little yip, and her eyes flew open.

“Relax,” Felicity whispered. “Just relax and enjoy.”

Eileen swallowed and nodded.

“My sidekick is going to love your breasts for a minute. That’ll feel good, won’t it?” Felicity gave Eileen another dose of sexual charge. This time Eileen eased into it, moaning and stretching herself out to signal her readiness. Nodding, Felicity signaled to Jason that he could begin. He went right to work by taking one of Eileen’s nipples into his mouth and stroking the other one with his palm.

Dave propped himself on his lover’s other side and pressed his mouth to her ear. “This is all for you, honey. I want you to be happy.”

In her years as Avenger of the Non-Orgasmic, Felicity had seen all the different sides of human nature. Usually, the problems between people started with someone’s selfishness. Very rarely did she run into a guy like Dave – a man who deserved nothing but the best. He’d have that tonight, and if Wonderslut could work wonders with people’s sex lives – and she certainly could – Dave would spend the rest of his life with an insatiable lover in Eileen.

The lady in question had already lost some of her inhibition, and had now buried her fingers in Jason’s hair as he circled his tongue around one nipple and used his fingers to tease the other. Her breath had turned shallow and rapid, punctuated by gasps from time to time. Dave’s hand wandered over Eileen’s ribs and downward toward her belly. Briefly, he glanced up at Felicity for approval, and she smiled back. When he touched the lips between Eileen’s legs, she tensed, but Felicity rubbed her temples, and she relaxed again with a sigh.

Moving slowly, Dave positioned himself between his lover’s thighs and covered her pussy with his mouth. This time, Eileen’s shudder came from pleasure, not alarm.

“Oh,” she said. “Oh, that’s good.”

“You bet,” Felicity said.

Dave continued with his lips and tongue. He obviously knew what he was doing because Eileen’s breath became labored and uneven. After a moment, Felicity’s imagination started wandering to the hot spot between her own legs and how great it would feel to have one of the guys giving her what Eileen was enjoying. Every time she stimulated someone else with the powers of her mind, she got a bit of a jolt herself. She’d done it for both Dave and Eileen, and damn it all, she needed some of the same treatment the other woman was getting. Sometimes making sure everyone else got satisfied was a bitch.

As Eileen’s sighs turned to cries of pleasure, Felicity let herself plan what she’d do with one or both of the men. After all, she needed to demonstrate for Eileen how to satisfy Dave. She’d ride one of those happy woodies or maybe alternate between the two. She could keep both of them hard for hours if it would benefit this good couple. Yeah, she’d feel good by doing good. Exactly why she’d gone into this line of work.


What the… She looked down to discover that Eileen’s eyes had opened. Jason was still working his magic on her breasts, and Dave hadn’t stopped lavishing his attention on her pussy. Why hadn’t the woman surrendered to all that goodness yet?

“What’s wrong?” Felicity asked.

“I can ‘t…I just can’t,” Eileen answered.

“Of course, you can.” Telling the woman to relax would have the opposite effect, so Felicity reached back down into her brain…all the way to id…and pulled out the most primitive desires she could find. She shot them through her fingertips into Eileen’s temples.

The woman’s eyes closed, and her jaw tensed. “Oh…my…God.”

“That’s it. Let it happen.” And fast, so Felicity could get some satisfaction for the throbbing in her own pussy.

“Yes, yes, yesssss!” Finally, Eileen climaxed. And how. Her hips jerked upward, but Dave held on, finishing her.

When it ended, Eileen sagged into a puddle of flesh, moaning softly. Felicity eased Eileen’s head onto the pillow and stretched her legs to work out some kinks. “As good as your dreams?”

Eileen opened her eyes and sighed. “Better. Much, much better.”

“And what do you want to do to thank Dave for all his work?”

“You don’t have to do anything, honey,” Dave said. “You’ve made me so proud.”

“Doesn’t work that way, Dave.” Felicity crooked a finger, indicating he should sit up. “The loving should go in both directions. Isn’t there something you’d really like Eileen to do?”


“Time to learn how to pleasure your man, Eileen,” Felicity said.

“With my mouth?” Eileen croaked.

“There you go. I knew you’d be a quick learner.” Felicity tapped Jason on the shoulder. “I’ll demonstrate on the Piston if that’s okay with him.”

“I think I can manage.” Jason rose to a kneeling position. The bulge under his unitard proved that he’d managed very well, indeed. She reached to his fly. “Watch what I do and give Dave the same treatment.”

Now that Eileen has had great oral sex, will she return the favor for Dave? Will Dave get to fuck Wonderslut, as Felicity has promised? In the meantime, what’s going on outside at the Slutmobile?


About Alice Gaines

I read and write erotic romance...the hotter the better.
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