Slip Slide and Away…

Ahh.. and here we are dear readers, back again talking about great sex toys.

Today’s Topic: LUBE

But before I get into that and tell you my favorite, I have something sensitive to cover: Shaving.

Most men act like this is only a woman’s role, obviously, I’m not counting the shaving they daily do/or do not do on their own faces. We shave our legs and underarms, our bikini area, closer in where the bikini does not cover – and even do some artful trimming. Having no hair in certain areas ensures better access to those areas by your lover.

If it can be touched, it can be licked. If it can be fondled it can be sucked. So answer me this: Who in the hell wants hair in their mouth or… ugh… stuck in their teeth?

I’ve opened many a lover’s eye to the joys of shaving. Here’s my party line as I slaver up their unmentionables while holding a razor in my hand: It makes it look bigger, and every place that is hair-free will get a TON of attention.

Need I say more?

Men! Get out those razors and shave with care. Your partners have eager and loving mouths just waiting to explore you. Seriously. I’m not kidding. If you haven’t done any man-scaping at this point in your life then you should and someone should smack your partner for accepting anything less.

Dilapidation has been around since before the Kama Sutra was written– servants were employed strictly to hand-tweeze the genitalia of the wealthy. And the mere thought of tweezing that most sensitive of areas leaves me shuddering.

Okay – moving on past the uncomfortable hygiene lesson. Once you’re smooth and ready for action here is the product to try:

The BEST lubrication I’ve ever used, and one I would buy stock in the company if I could, is Pjur, Original Formula, Super Concentrated Body Glide made by a company in Germany and available worldwide (but of course you can buy it right at Isn’t that place just great?).

This product is fabulous for so many reasons – first, it’s highly concentrated. Very little goes a long, long way – please keep that in mind when you use it (and it makes the price that much easier to understand). It is odorless and almost tasteless, although I can detect a little taste and so I plan accordingly on when to apply it. It lasts through long encounters. Having to re-lube or have the friction overpower the lube is never fun. Choosing a good product right out of the gate never cuts into the moment, it only enhances it. And last, but certainly not least, it never gets sticky, it stays the same throughout the encounter.

Here are some of the reviews online – and out of 73, almost all were 4 and 5 stars (giving it an overall rating of 4.5)

We discovered this product years ago and it is simply the best lubricant on the market. We’ve tried other “premium” lubricants and, frankly, they just don’t hold a candle to this one. It’s long lasting, isn’t sticky, and washes off easily. Sure it’s a bit on the expensive side, but you use much less than you do for other brands of lubricant. Well worth the extra $ in our opinion. Plus, the cap stays on tightly preventing accidental leaks. All in all probably the best lubricant we’ve ever used.


Pricey, but lasts for a few years. Just a few drops are plenty to lubricate making every thrust very smooth. Extremely enjoyable!

**personal observation here – a few years?  They need to have more sex!! Maybe six to nine months, but years? Eek-gads!

I was introduced to this product by a boyfriend years ago and have kept an eye out for it ever since!! Not only did I find it here, the price is significantly lower than a store I happened to find it at the week after I got my order from here delivered! You don’t need a lot, and by that I mean start with one drop and see if you need a second, the reapplication is almost never needed, and it just makes the whole experience that much better, be it boyfriend or toybox you are spending the evening with!


Due to post menopause and sjogren’s sydrome the issue of intercourse had been an impossibility for over 5 years. Now I have returned confidence and intimacy with my partner. This product is fantastic. No more burning or friction. Forget the replens product.


It takes some getting used to if you use water-based lubes most of the time, but in the end it’s worth it. I have been searching for the best “backdoor” lube and have tried a lot of great products, but this one really takes the cake – the greatest selling point is that it does not need to be re-wetted. It’s also thick enough that you don’t need to use very much, and it warms up instantly – none of those “this might be cold” moments, haha. Like others have mentioned, it does not get sticky, and makes skin very soft and nice-feeling! You need to use less, and it lasts forever, so even though it costs more, it lasts a lot longer than other lubes, and is well worth the price, to me. However, I have found it is not really suitable to use with silicone toys as it seems to melt them a little (oops) and is very difficult to wash off.

I’ve been using it for over ten years now, when it used to be called Eros, and if this company ever goes under I’ll be buying the stuff by the case to ensure I never run out in my lifetime.

C.J.’s Rating: Five Big O’s

Little known fact for another reason why to have lube on hand: Women who take baths (over showers) may not get the fast response from their bodies they are used to (and thus, may require assistance from an outside lubrication) – the warm water leeches moisture from their skin. All of their skin, inside and out.

So even if you’re soaking in the tub with the latest erotica book, gearing yourself up to seduce your husband, or enjoying a soak in anticipation to a pre-arranged lover’s tryst – please be aware that the bath water will leave you not as “ready” as you might like (or as ready as your mind is after all that sexy reading!).

Lube is every lover’s friend. It will allow you to explore positions and openings you may not have in the past, it can help give you a satisfying quickie, it can speed up your enjoyment of a tryst if your lover is large and your body isn’t accommodating as fast as you’d like, it can make those toys feel incredible, and as you age it can help replace the natural moisture your body produces due to less hormones.

Pjur is a silicone based lube. This is important! Do not use it with silicone based toys. It creates a surface reaction on the toy that breaks down the item’s silicone, causing it to deteriorate and lose the slickness that makes silicone toys so special. For these types you’ll need a water-based lubricant.

A good one I’ve found is called Wet. But it still isn’t as good as the Pjur, so that means I don’t buy many silicone toys. Yes, I like the product that much. Oh and in doing research for this post for online links, I discovered there is a new product called Pjur Aqua that is a water based product, so I’ll be buying that today to see how well it works. The reviews were split on whether it was any good, so who knows.

Grab that lube and get your freaky on! The fun has just begun!



About C.J. Ellisson

I'm a full-time writer. My debut novel, VAMPIRE VACATION, released this fall in ebook and print. I'm currently working on its sequel, THE HUNT, a middle grade fantasy, BLACK IS FOR LIES, and an ongoing erotica serial called "Johnny Living Dangerously".
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  1. Marissa Elliott says:

    Lol! Just checked out the link for the aqua Pjur and I love that one of it’s claims is that it’s ‘fat free’! Brilliant. Good to know they ship to the UK. Thanks for the review!

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