Tempted by Fate – Kalen and Ariel

Content advisory: Coarse language, intercourse

Last time… Elven princess, Ariel found Kalen, King of the Fae, in the castle kitchen and tempted him into taking her to his bed.

“You’re a virgin? Fuck…”

Ariel tilted her hips up and pushed him through the barrier of her virginity until Kalen was fully inside of her.

“I was.” Her long legs wrapped around Kalen’s broad back and held him tight. She pressed her heels into his ass and moaned, the soft pink of her lips wantonly begging him to kiss her. “Don’t stop, Kal. Please?”

Kalen rested his forehead against hers, his body still as he processed what had just happened. As difficult as it was to concentrate with her heat wrapped around him, Kalen did and opened his eyes to look at her.

“I need a condom. If we’re going to finish this…we need to protect you from getting pregnant. Valyn would skin me alive and hang my hide from the gate if I did that to you.”

“What I do with me body is none of his business. Ye needn’t worry though.” She held up her left hand and showed him the delicate onyx bracelet that circled her wrist. His eyes widened in recognition of the jewellery and she smiled. “I see ye recognize tha Elven form of birth control. I’m covered but, if ye need ta be certain – use yer Fae magic. Cast yer own contraceptive spell and ease yer mind.”

He blinked at her for a moment before laying a hungry kiss on Ariel’s lips. “You planned for this. As much as I want to be pissed about the situation we’re in, I want you too much to give a fuck how we got here.”

Eyes closed, Kalen slid a hand down between them and whispered a few words in Fae. A flash of warmth sank from his fingertips into her skin to signal that the spell had taken and he slid his touch further down.

His thumb found the swollen nub of her clit and drew lazy circles around it as he pulled back and thrust inside of Ariel’s wet heat. She was beautiful as she lay beneath him. Her skin was flushed with desire, the dark strands of her hair a wild halo around her head as she moaned and writhed against the white silk sheets.

Never had Kalen seen anything more exquisite than the woman in his bed. He leaned back to change the angle of his thrusts and groaned at the sight of their bodies meeting over and over. Inch after inch of his dick slid inside of her glistening pink sheath in the most erotic version of tug o’ war he’d ever witnessed.

“Cum for me, Ari. Scream my name.”

Ariel moaned and dug her heels into his lower back as she brought her hips up. Every nerve in her body was screaming for release as she teetered on the edge.

“Harder, Kal. Just…a bit…harder.”

Kalen groaned and his cock twitched as her words sank beneath the haze of lust. His hips thrust harder in response to Ariel’s demand despite his plan to be gentle with her this first time.

A soft, luminescent glow lit her up from within as Ari’s body began to tighten around him. Her hips locked against his, the whimpers of pleasure turning to small cries of ecstasy with each thrust. The intensity of her glow grew until Ariel screamed his name and he was forced to close his eyes or be blinded.

“Kalen. Oh, gods, Kal.”

The glow faded and Kalen opened his eyes as he picked up the pace once more. He pulled his hand out from between them and threaded it into the thickness of her hair. His mouth devoured hers and swallowed each feminine whimper and cry as Ari writhed and bucked beneath him.

“One more time, baby. Glow for me again. That was fucking sexy as all hell.”

She licked lips gone dry from panting and nodded. Kalen could have asked her anything just then and she would have agreed to it if he’d just give her one more orgasm. The first one had been more amazing than she could ever have imagined. Anything more was gravy as far as she was concerned.

Their bodies slammed together in a symphony of pants, groans and the wet sounds of flesh pounding into flesh. Silk shredded under the stress of Ariel’s frantic grip as she struggled to take as much of Kalen into her as possible. He pushed down to the root with each thrust and still it wasn’t enough.

“With me. Please, oh gods, cum with me, Kalen.”

“Fuck. Yes.”

Kalen watched the lights beneath her skin flare to life again and gave himself up to the orgasm building inside of him. Never had he felt such a degree of pressure as there was spreading through his muscles.

Ariel’s glow grew blinding and Kalen let go as the familiar tingling set in at the base of his spine. Their voices rose in a mutual cry of release as she milked every ounce of pleasure from his body.

“Ari. Mmm, so amazing.” Kalen panted as he dropped down to his elbows above her. He kissed her breathlessly and rolled so that she lay draped over him. “That glow thing…fucking cool and gods damn sexy.”

“Never done that before.” Ariel rested her head on his shoulder and blinked as she tried to recall hearing anything about other elves glowing the way she had. Nothing came to mind immediately and she let it go as her body shuddered. Kalen was still deep inside of her and each twitch of his shaft caused small orgasmic aftershocks.

A slow burning sensation took up residence in Ariel’s shoulder and distracted her from the wonderful heat that had built-up in her belly. She reached up to scratch the area but stopped mid-motion as realization hit home and the meaning of her glow became clear.

Ari sat up, startling Kalen as she bolted from his bed and scooped up her dress. She threw it on and backed towards the door as he sat up and looked at her, confusion clear on his handsome face.

“What’s wrong, Ari? Where are you going?” He moved to go after her and she held her right hand up as the left one closed around the door knob. “Ariel. Come back to bed. I want…”

The door closed and Kalen cursed as he rolled out of bed. He pulled his pants back on and took off after her in his bare feet. His feet slapped against the cold flagstone floor but Kalen was no match for a scared Elf who could run like the wind on a normal day.

Never having had a reason to be in her rooms, Kal had no idea where Ariel’s bedroom was located. He assumed it would be in the royal wing of the castle but he was damned if he’d go wandering down those halls and risk Valyn discovering what they’d done.

“Fuck, Ari. What the hell scared you so much?”

He scrubbed his hands over his face in frustration, turned back the way he’d come and walked back to his room. Heading straight into the bathroom, Kal turned on the shower and waited for the water to heat up while he leaned against the door and stared at the bed.

Steam billowed from behind him and he turned back into the bathroom. He shucked his pants, folded them neatly, laid them on the counter and stepped under the spray.

Kalen rested his head on the tile in the shower and groaned as he felt a light burn start in the meat of his left palm. He lifted his hand, fear heavy in his mind as the delicate swirls of the Fae mate marking began to form. The mark darkened and he cursed as it sealed into his flesh.

“Val is going to kill me.”

Ariel flew down the halls, tears streaming down her cheeks as she ran towards her room. She blew by Valyn’s door on the way, unaware that he was inside and the speed at which she was running rattled his bedroom door in its frame.

Bursting through into her own space Ari dropped to her knees on the thick carpet. Thick, heavy sobs echoed in the silence around her as she considered what the burning in her shoulder and the glow meant to Elven women.

“Ariel? What’s going…oh, my god.”

Valyn’s fingers touched down on the mark and Ari shrank away. She stood and crossed to the closet to slip a sweater on over her shoulders before turning to face him.

“Please don’t freak out. We had no way of knowing.”

“Who, Ariel? Who is it?”

She wiped her tears on the sleeve of her left arm and shook her head.

“No. He needs ta know first. I need ta talk ta him and figure out what we do from here.”

Her cousin stared hard at her for a moment, the wheels of thought clearly churning away in his head. Ariel cringed inside and waited for the instant when realization would dawn. She didn’t have to wait long.

“Kalen? Oh gods, I sent ye ta him and … Shit, Ari.” Strong fingers ploughed through the dark blond strands of his hair as he muttered and cursed himself for ten kinds of fool. “Ye said he doesn’t know? Are ye sure?”

“He made me glow, Val. Twice. So yes, I’m sure that tha King of Fae is me mate.”

Valyn pulled Ariel into his arms and she cried softly against the soft wool of his sweater. His hands gently rubbed her back until the sobs turned into hiccups interspersed with sniffles.

“Kalen is going ta hate me for this. Gods, Val. I went ta him in nothing but me dress and me skin. He knows I planned ta seduce him when I arrived in tha kitchen.”

He took a step back and tilted her face up to his. “Ye want him?”

She nodded and smiled weakly. “Aye, ye know I do. I’ve been in love with Kal since I was a wee girl…and the moment I got him I ran like a scared little fool before telling him why.”

“Let me talk ta him.” Val chuckled and kissed the tip of her nose. “I suspect me best friend is expecting me anyway.”

Ariel nodded and stepped back. “I’m going ta take a shower. I’ve just had tha most beautiful experience of me life and yet I feel dirty for what I’ve done ta him.”

Valyn watched his cousin disappear into the bathroom and waited until he heard the spray of the shower before leaving her rooms. He shut the door behind him and put on a burst of speed as he ran through the halls of him home to the rooms where his best friend and the King of Fae always stayed when he visited.

His feet slowed as he rounded the corner and approached the solid oak door outside Kalen’s room. He knocked and waited for the invitation to enter.

The door flew open to reveal a distraught, dishevelled Kalen and Valyn felt a moment of uncertainty about how things would end.

“Kal? Are ye alright, me friend?”

Kalen scrubbed his hands over his face and stepped aside for his friend to enter. He shut the door and turned to face Valyn with his left palm turned out to display the Fae mate marking.

“You know what this is, right? You know what this means for me?”

Valyn flinched at the symbol etched into Kalen’s skin. He nodded and sat on the edge of the rumpled, unmade bed. The faint scent of cotton candy wafted up from the sheets and he realized what he smelt.

“Yer definitely tha one then. Don’t deny it, Kal. I’d know tha smell of me cousin anywhere and yer sheets are full of her.”

“You sent her to me, Val. She came to me in nothing but a tiny pink dress and I couldn’t resist her any more than a kid can resist a bag full of candy waved in their face.”

Kalen groaned as he paced. Val suspected his friend was recalling in vivid detail the curves and shadows of the woman he’d just accidentally mated.

“I know she’s your cousin but, Val…it was beautiful the way she glowed. I can’t get it out of my head. I’m freaked as all fuck that the mark is on me but I’ll be damned if I don’t want more of her. How – how is Ariel? She freaked out and ran before the sheets had a chance to cool off.”

“She’s equally freaked out that tha Elven mate mark appeared on her shoulder. That’s why she ran, me friend…but she loves ye and that counts for something.”

Silver blue eyes looked up at the mention of love and Valyn nodded as he read the questions in Kalen’s face.

“Fuck. I’m not looking for a mate, Val. It’s been a couple hundred years since I last saw Ariel and I barely know a thing about her.”

“Then ye had best get ta learning because ye’ve got a mate, and she’s it whether ye want it or not.” Val took a deep breath and clapped his friend on the shoulder. “She’s a wonderful woman, Kal. Strong, intelligent and a magnificent fighter. Go ta her and figure it out for both yer sakes.”

Kalen nodded and slid his feet into his shoes. He glanced back at Val and pulled the door open.

“Umm…where are her rooms?”

Come back in December 2010 to see if Valyn gets to taste the Goddess he’s been dreaming about and in January 2011 to see if Kalen, King of Fae accepts Ariel as his mate. Things are heating up at Castle Flamare.

Copyright © 2010 Heather Hughes and Danielle Gavan

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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    oh boy nice one 🙂

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    I HAVE TO WAIT TILL DECEMBER?!?! I’ll go crazy by then! MORE!! 😀

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