Recreating Halloween

Content advisory: m/f/m sex, anal intercourse

“Tonight will be so fun. I can’t wait to see all the children dressed up.” Lily wrapped each cookie separately, adding a small homemade card. She’d spent the last two weeks making enough for all the children aboard the S.S. Constellation.

“I don’t know about this idea of yours, Flower.” Jak’s forehead furrowed as he shook his head.

Surprise halted her motions as she studied her mate. “Why do you say that?”

“Remember what happened when you tried to recreate that Independence Day holiday? You nearly took out a whole section of Star Flight Academy.”

Trying to recreate Earthen traditions from old texts had turned out to be harder than she’d thought. There hadn’t been a formula for the fireworks she’d seen in the documentary during Cultural Earthen Anthropology class, so she’d had to improvise. It had worked fine until the finale when the last rocket had misfired – straight into administrative offices of the Star Flight instructors.

“Yes, well, it’s true that I didn’t get the formula for the fireworks right—”

“What if something goes wrong on board tonight? It’s a much smaller area.”

Lily rolled her eyes and she tried to fight back a grin. This side of Jak was cute, even if unnecessary. “The kids are dressing up in costumes and people are giving out goodies. That’s it. I’m surprised. Usually Qwin is the worrier.”

Jak’s twin, and Lily’s other heartmate, strode through the door as though the mention of his name summoned him.

He kissed Lily and grabbed a cookie before plopping down beside his brother. “What’s Jak worrying about?”

“He’s afraid I’m going to destroy the ship.”

“I didn’t say that. But every since we found New Earth, you’ve gone a little overboard on all things Earthen.”

Lily placed the bagged cookies into a large bowl and set it near the door. “Hmph. I wonder if you’ll say that later tonight.”


A buzz sounded through their quarters.

“The children have started arriving. Please hand out these treats while I change.”

With a swish of her ponytail, Lily went into their sleeping quarters to prepare for tonight. She’d change her men’s minds about Earthen holidays. From now on, they’ll beg to help her. A naughty smile tugged at her lips as she thought of all the ways she’d convince them.


“She’s been in there a long time. I hope she’s not angry with me.” Jak hadn’t meant to hurt Lily’s feelings. He knew that she wanted to connect with her roots, and since the discovery of part of the planet Earth, she’d spent every spare minute poring over every bit of information she could find.

Qwin leaned back on the couch and put his arms along the back, totally at ease. “Serves you right if she is. Glad I didn’t say anything about her holiday.”

That had been nagging him since Lily mentioned it. Qwin was the worrier, almost costing them their mate with his concerns. “Why didn’t you?”

“Because I knew the details. Not too much can go wrong handing goodies out to kids.”

Jak smacked the back of his brother’s head. “You could’ve told me before I made an ass out of myself.”

“But it’s so much fun to watch you flounder.” Qwin laughed.

“Sometimes you’re such a—” Jak’s breath hung in his throat as Lily appeared behind Qwin.

Qwin turned to see behind him. “What’s wro— Whoa.”

Lily strode forward on shoes with tall, thin heels. “What do you think of my costume, boys?”

Jak started at her feet in those strange, but sexy shoes. Some sort of thin material covered her legs and stopped mid-thigh where buckles attached to what looked like ribbon journeyed upwards underneath her short black skirt.

That skirt barely covered her and poofed out so that each movement she made threatened to give him a peek at the treasure beneath. A small white overskirt tied around her waist. A tight top accentuated her lovely breasts, showing the little pebbles reaching toward them, proof that Lily enjoyed the perusal as much as he did.

By the time he made it up to her lovely face, his erection threatened to burst through his pants. When she licked her moist lips, Qwin’s groan echoed his own.

“What…what kind of costume is that?” Qwin’s raspy question echoed Jak’s own thoughts, though he’d be damned if he could manage to get a single word out.

Lily twirled and the skirt played peek-a-boo with some contraption of ribbons underneath. Holy Mother of Moyan, she must be trying to kill them.

“It’s called a French Maid. Apparently it was quite popular on Earth. I’ve spent the last month making it. You like?”

Qwin jumped up and cupped her neck, pulling her forward into a hungry kiss. Shaken from his stupor and not to be left out, Jak stepped up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist. He loved it when the three of them came together and tonight would be no exception.

As his brother pulled away, Jak turned her head and claimed her lips. The taste of vanilla and the essence of Lily herself exploded on his tongue as he delved deep.

“Let’s take this to our sleeping quarters.” Qwin’s voice brought him back to the present.

With a nod, he grabbed Lily’s hand and pulled her toward their room. Qwin crowded behind her and shut the door. She’d been busy. Soft light glowed around the room and black silk sheets adorned their bed.

Qwin pulled the white ties at her back and the small overskirt fell away. “As lovely as you look in this costume, it’s time to get rid of it.”

While his brother helped their mate out of her clothes, Jak disrobed and sat down on the bed to watch the show. Lily’s black dress fell to the floor and he lost his breath all over again.

“What is this?” His fingers traced the ribbons holding up her leg coverings up to her waist to a belt-like thing that was way more sexy than any belt he’d ever seen.

“It’s called a garter belt. It holds up these stockings.” Lily ran her hands down her legs. “It was considered very sexy back then.”

“I consider it very sexy right now.” Jak pressed his lips to her stomach just above the garter belt.

Finally free of his own clothes, Qwin joined them again. His hands cupped Lily’s breasts and Jak could tell when his brother found the cutouts on the bra because Qwin stilled his movements. Then his fingers zeroed in on her nipples and he rolled them, causing Lily to lean back into him with a soft moan.

Jak delved between her legs, enjoying the lack of underwear. Moisture slicked his fingers as he slipped them between the folds of her sex.  He pushed inside, her sheath pulsing around him. Thrusting slowly, Jak watched Lily’s eyes slide closed as her hips matched the rhythm he set.

As Qwin plucked at her pearled tips, Jak thumbed her clit. While he alternated between flicking and rubbing the sensitive nub, he palmed his dick and stroked slowly. Lily’s hips picked up speed and her chest heaved as she panted. She was getting close.

After a quick look at his brother, Jak pulled his fingers free. Qwin stopped his own ministrations and unhooked Lily’s bra and tugged it down her arms. Her head came up and her eyes popped open.


“Ssh. Come here, Flower.” Jak guided her to straddle him as he lay back on the bed.

She leaned forward and claimed a hungry kiss. As their tongues glided against each other’s, he palmed her hips and positioned her over his hard cock.

Breaking away, Lily guided his rod to her wet pussy and impaled herself with a groan. As she sat there unmoving, Qwin pushed her forward onto Jak’s chest. He knew that Qwin was preparing Lily to accept him and felt her move as his brother entered her ass.

With a gasp, she closed her eyes and moved back into Qwin. As he pulled out, Jak thrust up and they set a slow and steady rhythm.

Lily’s cunt squeezed his dick and he could feel Qwin through the thin membrane separating them. This connection between the three of them had been there from the beginning and only got stronger with each shared intimacy. Jak reached up and pulled her breast toward his mouth. A cry broke from her as he sucked her nipple before switching to the other one.

Qwin pushed harder and prompted Jak to increase their speed. As they pumped into their lovely mate, Jak could feel her muscles clamp around his cock. Pleasure settled low on his spine and Jak fought to hold back his own orgasm as Lily neared her climax.

As electricity zinged along his nerves and began to spiral outward, Jak found her clit with his thumb and rubbed. With a sob, the tension inside her broke and Lily’s body arched forward, her sheath milking his erection until he exploded inside her.

His head pounded and sensations that reminded him of those renegade fireworks detonated inside him as he held himself deep within Lily’s depths. A moment later, Qwin stopped moving as well.

Lily slumped forward onto his chest as his brother slowly pulled out of her dark rosette. Sweat matted strands of her hair to her forehead and a small smile played across her lips. Qwin flopped beside them on the bed and Jak rolled to the side, placing their heartmate exactly where she belonged – between them.

As his heart rate returned to normal, Jak almost missed Lily’s whisper. “See, there’s something to be said for reviving old traditions.”

With a snort, he agreed. “And making new ones.”

Please return on November 9th for the next Rendezvous.

~~Scarlett Jameson~~
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  1. sharlene says:

    WOW!!!! love it more please 😛

  2. Trip X says:

    I just stumbled across your blog with this story and I’m wowed and intrigued.

  3. I’m so glad you both enjoyed the story. Thanks so much for your kind words. Check us out every Monday-Friday for some great stuff.

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