The Voluptuous Correspondence of Lady X by Alice Gaines

My dearest Richard,

I hardly know how to express myself to you. The events of this afternoon are so foreign to my experience that I can hardly credit they ever happened. And yet, the taste of you still lingers on my lips. Sweetness that I never thought to savor in this life. My senses tell me what my mind still tries to deny.

We did wander down that wooded path together, you with your hands behind your back, mine clenched at my sides. Neither of us daring to touch the other, no matter how innocently, for fear of losing control. Neither of us realizing the other felt exactly the same. If it hadn’t been for that stone, I might sit here now, thinking myself an overheated female who’d imagined you had any interest in me.

But that stone did trip me. I’d been looking straight ahead of me, enjoying your presence next to me and blessing whatever Heaven had granted us a few moments away from intruding eyes and all the rules the world imposes on intercourse between men and women. A quiet rebellion arose inside me – that a woman of my station could slip her tether in the presence of such a handsome man. Just that wicked freedom made my breath come fast and uncertain in my chest. I never noticed something so insignificant as a rock in the middle of the path. When I stepped on it, my ankle turned beneath me, tossing me against you. Of course, you caught me. Of course, you held me until the danger of falling had passed. Of course, you made the right inquiries, and I answered. Yes, I was fine. No, I hadn’t injured myself. Yes, I could stand on my own.

Then, I glanced up at you. You hadn’t release me, but even if you had, the expression on your face would have held me, frozen, in place. I’d never seen such raw hunger reflected in a man’s eyes. It reached from inside you deep into me. May I tell you, dearest Richard, that until that moment I never realized that women had the same animal nature as men? In that instant, I knew that I’d never refuse you anything, not if you demanded that I submit to you on my hands and knees like a beast and allow you to cover me as a stallion does a mare. I would have done it, then and there, on no more than a command from you. Half of me wants to thank you for not uttering the words. The other half regrets not having offered on my own accord. In that intersection of time and space, I wanted you that much.

Without a word asking for permission, you kissed me. You must have read the need in my expression as I had in yours. Or perhaps, you wanted me as badly as I did you and would have brooked no resistance. Yes, I rather think I prefer that explanation. In either case, your mouth found mine in a caress that changed my world in a heartbeat. I could only cling to you and take everything your kiss offered and return it to you with my own heat added.

I blush as I write this now, but I feel we must speak frankly to each other, my dearest. The unique passion we share demands honestly. As you know, I’m no stranger to the marriage bed and what goes on between men and women. Until your touch, I never experienced such a rush of excitement. My flesh thrummed with it, especially in the secret place between my legs. Thank heaven Lord Clairfield’s gardener is such a loud and clumsy brute and made his impending presence known before he could find us in each other’s arms, or he might have witnessed me placing your hand beneath my skirts and up my thigh so that I could show you without words just how aroused I’d become.

Oh, my. I am blushing now, but my cheeks warm with more than embarrassment. Do write back and assure me that I didn’t misunderstand your feelings and that you desire me as much as I do you.




Darling X,

How I wish I could write your beloved name at the top of this letter. How I wish I could shout it at the top of my lungs. I realize, though, that your position requires the strictest care lest your reputation come to harm. I’ll have to content myself with the quiet knowledge that you return the passion I feel for you.

Those kisses! How they inflamed me! Even as I sit here remembering the feel of your mouth under mine, the way your body yielded softly against me, Priapus thickens in my pants. The poor fellow doesn’t understand why he can’t take his satisfaction inside you. He has no sense of society and its restrictions. He cares nothing for the secrecy we must maintain. He can only swell and harden as though you were here now and could give him the satisfaction he so desperately needs.

That gardener. How I curse him and bless him. Curse him for parting us so cruelly. Bless him for saving us from almost certain discovery. If he hadn’t come along, I would have taken you without regard for the danger. In another moment, my body would have given me no choice. On a well-trod path like that, someone of more note was likely to come along at any moment. We’ll meet again under better circumstances and with a much superior result.

Shall I tell you what I plan when we finally have the time and privacy to follow our hearts’ and our bodies’ desire?

I imagine us in some fanciful place – the sort of setting lusty men and women have always used to good effect when the opportunity arose. A hayloft, perhaps. We’ll have wandered off separately from a boring luncheon with the agreement to meet in the host’s barn. I’ll be filled with sweet dread, hoping you’ll appear and terrified that you won’t. When you finally arrive, I’ll follow you up the ladder, enjoying the view of your dainty ankles and calves and imagining the shape of your derriere and the beauty of the treasure between your thighs.

There, my darling. No more than the thought of you has caused my rod to stiffen so my pants can hardly contain it. I’ll undo my trousers now and take it out so that I can stroke it as I write more details of our imaginary tryst. I’ll picture your fingers opening this letter and imagine them on my aching flesh. Yes, just so. But, back to our story…

You’ll come to my arms immediately, and I’ll undress you, kissing your skin as it’s revealed to my gaze. Your shoulder – as soft as powder. Your perfumed breasts. Such love I’ll lavish on them until the peaks are stiff and moist from my mouth. I’ll slide my palm downward to your belly, hinting at my ultimate destination.

Once I have you naked, I’ll lower us onto a soft bed of hay. Your hair will come loose, and I’ll spread it against the straw. Then I’ll kiss you into a state of near oblivion and assure myself that you’ll allow me every pleasure of your body. Finally, I’ll seek out that sweet haven that my member so craves. (And how it craves you now. I can scarcely continue.) Your sex, your puss, your precious, precious cunny. The lips will part for me, and I’ll capture your cries of delight with my mouth as I find the hottest place there and rub. I’ll ease a finger inside you, too, and feel your nectar spilling onto my hand.

By now, lust will have rendered us both nearly senseless, so it will seem completely natural that you should tear at my clothing in a desperate attempt to rid me of restraints so that I can plunder your body. I’ll help you, of course, until you reach the front of my pants. The first pressure of your hand on my cock will nearly end me on the spot, and I’ll have to pause to regain some semblance of control.

You asked for honesty, my darling, and so now I’ll tell you with all candor that I can’t continue this letter. My strokes against my rod have grown so urgent that someone witnessing them might think I’m trying to strangle Priapus. I’ve pushed myself too far and must seek relief, if only from my own hand. I’ll imagine your wetness around me as I rush toward climax.

Write back soon!


Copyright Alice Gaines


About Alice Gaines

I read and write erotic romance...the hotter the better.
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    nice 🙂

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