Tempted by Fate

Content advisory: Masturbation, heavy petting, coarse language

Previously: Ariel seduces Kalen, King of the Fae, into her bed where he’s dismayed to find that the raven haired temptress is a virgin..and he’s just deflowered her. To read the first installment of Tempted by Fate, click here.

Ariel looked at the letter in her hand and squealed happily. Rising out of her chair, she took off down the hallway to her bedroom and smacked right into her cousin. “Ooooff. Gods Val, yer like a brick wall.”

“Damn it, Ariel. Could ye have hit me any harder?” Valyn rubbed his chest and looked at his cousin. “What’s making ye grin like that?”

“I got a letter from Bryani! She’s coming ta visit for a month. I can’t wait ta see her.” Ariel smiled brightly and tossed her long black braid behind her shoulder. “It’ll be nice ta see her and not have ta work.”

Valyn raised his eyebrow at the name. Bryani was the Greek goddess that Ariel would go out on missions with every now and then, the granddaughter of Athena, the Goddess of War and Wisdom.

“Well then, when will yer friend be arriving?”

“In about a hour. I’ve got so much ta do. I’ll see ye later Val.” Ariel took off running down the hallway again.

“Be careful will ye!” he called out after her. “Ye crazy girl.” Shaking his head Valyn turned and headed back down the hallway to his office.

Bri walked up the path to Ariel’s castle and looked up at it. She loved the large stone walls and had always been curious if they had contained the warmth and love she assumed was inside.

She wheeled her luggage behind her and walked up to the large drawbridge. “Do I knock?” Bri said out loud and laughed to herself. Turning she noticed a smaller door built into a tower. Walking over to it she knocked and waited for an answer.

“Can I help ye?” The guard that opened the door asked.

“Hello, I’m Bryani from Greece. Ariel is expecting me.” The guard relaxed and nodded his head as he stepped to the side and allowed her entry.

“Please wait here.” Bri nodded and walked around the room. She looked at the the swords and weaponry hanging on the wall and smiled. Walking over to the broadsword she ran her hand down the flat side of the weapon and grinned as she considered pulling it off and testing it out.

“Leave tha weapons alone…yer on vacation woman.” Bri spun around and grinned as Ariel moved across the room to hug her. “I can’t believe yer here. I’ve been hounding ye for years ta come and visit.”

Hugging Ariel in return she pulled back and smiled at her friend.“I know, I know but I was given a month’s vacation so, here I am. I can’t wait to see the place. I didn’t realize how freaking huge your castle is.” Turning around she grabbed her suitcase and wheeled it behind her as Ariel lead her inside. As they walked through the corridors Bri looked at the tapestries that hung on the stone walls.

“Val! Valyn….hold up. Come meet Bri.” Ariel tugged on Bri’s hand and pulled her down the hallway to meet her cousin. “Val this is me friend Bryani. Bri this is me cousin and tha King, Valyn.”

Max’s breath caught in her throat as she took in the man standing in front of her. Sexy didn’t even begin to describe what she saw. Valyn was 6’5 and had short blonde hair that brought out the sparkling green of his eyes. His arms were perfect and muscular. Her fingers twitched with a need to reach out and feel the power in them.

She let her gaze trace up to the pointed tips of his ears and her mouth watered with the need to run her tongue all along the tip of one and pull it into her mouth.  Her eyes trailed down over his body to his crotch and she felt herself grow wet at the clear sign of his erection pressing against his jeans. She cleared her throat and blinked to compose herself before bringing her eyes back up to meet his.  “Hi. It’s nice to finally meet you. Ari’s been talking about you forever it seems.” She brought up her hand and held it out for him to shake.

Valyn felt his whole body on alert as he looked Bryani over. Every nerve in his body was on fire – screaming out to touch and taste the golden goddess in front of him. She was perfection in every form; from her long legs up to the lush breasts that his eyes refused to stop undressing. His tongue grew heavy with thoughts of rolling it over her breast and suckling her nipples, which were pebbled and visible through her shirt.

He wanted to wrap his hands around her long blonde curls and tug on them as she screamed out his name over and over while he sank into her balls deep. He felt Ariel nudge his arm and Valyn cleared his throat and met Bri’s gaze.. “Right…yeah. Its nice ta meet ye too. I’ve heard so much about ye from Ariel  as well. I hope ye’ll find tha Castle comfortable.”

Ariel laughed, totally oblivious to the heat that was sparking between Valyn and Bryani. “Come on Bri! I’ll bring ye ta yer room and help ye get settled. Wait till ye see tha library. Yer going ta love it being tha giant book lover that ye are.”

Bri let Ari tug and pull her down the hallway. With a backward glance she saw Valyn watching her as they left and gave him a small smile before turning back and disappearing around the corner with her friend.

Valyn watch the blonde woman being pulled down the hallway behind his cousin. His eyes connected with hers and when he saw the small seductive smile his cock hardened further. “Fuck me.” He whispered to himself. When they disappeared he shimmered into his room and headed right to the bathroom.

Stripping all of his clothes off, he turned the water to cold and stepped inside. He wrapped a hand around his thick cock and stroked it as his eyes closed. His mind pictured her seductive smile, her long golden legs wrapped around his back, and thick blonde hair wrapped around his hands.

Squeezing and stroking himself as he pictured Bri’s body, Valyn groaned and braced a hand on the tile of the shower. His hand pumped up and down his length harder and faster. The proud purple head of his cock peeking out from the circle of his grip goading him on with each stroke . With a loud grunt his hips jerked and he came in hot spurts all over the tiles. “Bri..” he groaned out. Once his hips stopped twitching he let the water wash away the cum on his hands and the wall. Valyn dropped his head against the cool tile and closed his eyes. His mate…he had finally found her.

Two days later Bri was in the library looking at the books on the shelf and trying to figure out what she wanted to read. Her fingers skimmed over the spine of The Odyssey and she couldn’t help but smile.

His fingers brushed against her arm as he reached up and pulled the book down from the shelf. “That happens ta be one of me favorites.” Valyn said in a low voice from behind her. He stepped closer to her and smirked as he felt Bryani stiffen. “I have a fondness for all things Greek.”

“All things, huh? Well…” she turned around and found herself standing nose to nose with him. “Homer is a very, very sexy author. It’s so easy to develop a fondness for him.” Bri smiled and leaned forward. “He’s a very….stimulating author.”

The control Valyn had snapped at the word stimulating as she whispered seductively in his ear. Her warm breath caressed the sensitive tip of his ear and he nearly came on the spot. Setting the book on the table next to him he reached up and buried his hand in Bri’s curls. “I’ll show ye just how stimulated I am.”

Their mouths crashed together as Valyn pushed Bri up against the bookcase. Her right leg hooked around his hips and pulled him tight against her. She moaned into the kiss and tilted her head back for his mouth to trail across her neck. Bryani caught the tip of his ear in her mouth just the way she’d wanted to for days.

“Gods, Bri.” He shuddered as she captured the tip of his ear in her mouth and it shot heat straight down to his rock hard cock. His hips pushed forward and ground against Bri, the heat of her core scalding through the layers of their clothing. “Fuck, Bryani.”

“Now. Need you right now.” Gripping the bottom of his t-shirt she yanked it up and off. Sighing at the sight of his chiseled abs, she let her hands slide up his chest to grip his pecs. “Now. Here.”

“Yes.” He scooped her up, carried her over to the couch and laid her down. Pulling her shirt off he groaned at the sight of her bare breasts. “So fucking hot Bri.” Leaning down he caught her pert rosy nipple between his lips and tugged at it.

“Yes! Valyn.” Her eyes fluttered shut and she arched off the couch as he tugged and suckled on her nipple. Her nails scored up his back as he moved over to do the same thing to her other breast.

His tongue flickered back and forth over the nipple while he kneaded her other breast in his hand. For days he had been dreaming of doing this. Hearing her scream out his name as he tasted her.

“Honey…ye taste like honey.” Val muttered against her breast as he moved slowly down her body. His tongue rolled across the flat of her belly and dipped in to Bryani’s belly button. He unsnapped the button of her shorts and slid them down her long golden legs.  He saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and groaned as lust shot through his veins.

“Ye smell so good. I’ve wanted ta taste ye for two days. Yer all I can smell when we’re in the room together. I can’t get it out of me head, yer all I can smell for hours after ye leave.” Bringing his head down he nuzzled his cheek against her smooth mound. “Need ta taste ye.”

Come back on November 3rd to see if Kalen, King of the Fae, flips out or if Ariel gets what she want and on November 25th to see if Valyn gets to taste the Goddess he’s been dreaming about. Things are about to get a whole lot hotter at Castle Flamare.

If you missed any of our first month’s posts and would like to catch up, you can purchase the Everything Erotic Volume I anthology as an ebook at the introductory price of 99 cents until October 22nd.

Copyright © 2010 Heather Hughes and Danielle Gavan

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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