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Ahh… here we are. Another month has gone by and my eager readers are wondering what toys I’ll be covering today. Last month there were some questions on whether or not I own the items I’ll be writing about. Much to the embarrassment and utter humiliation of my family members, yes, I do own all the items I blog about.

How can I give an honest review if I haven’t actually tried it multiple times? That, my dear friends, is what separates a sincere review from a product bashing. I don’t even want to think of the partners I’ve been with who weren’t so stellar the first time around, and they got better over time, so everything deserves more than one go.

Unless, of course, you’re that one and only one-night-stand I had when I was single and much, much younger. I laughed so hard when it was over (and right in his face) that I’m pretty sure he knew there was never going to be a second chance ~ ever.

Okay – TMI? Moving on! 😉

Today’s product is part of a line called Liberator Shapes – and the ones I like are called the Black Label version of the Wedge/Ramp Combo. Any of you out there with back issues? THIS is the product for you. It will offer you firm support that regular bed pillows just can’t match.

Please go to the site to check out the pics in the above link. The ones from the site came through super tiny and grainy, so I got this bland version from But I would have loved to have the ones with the good looking couple in their underwear showing off various poses. The liberator site is discreet, but if you click on any videos, all bets are off. I’m not talking porn, by any means, but something you should not be viewing at work or with your kids in the room.

I have very few vices in life – I like books and I like sex (okay, and alcohol and dark chocolate and…). So for me, the price tag of $210 for something that comes with an instruction book, cuffs and straps (mine came with it, I think, but I read that now you must pay extra for them, sorry), a blindfold, and washable covers was a no-brainer. Oh, and it also comes in a version for taller or larger partners that require more space. When you think of what we spend on a night out – four hours of a babysitter ($30), dinner with drinks ($60) and a movie (freakin $21!!) then we’re halfway there on the price.

Do your self a favor – if you have a height difference between you and your partner, back pain of any kind, or want to take a walk on the wild side — then please consider this product (or the original version without the snazzy buckles, which will save you some bucks).

Rating: 4.5 out of five Big O’s

While I’m not saying this is the be all end all of toys for the bedroom, I can say that we both enjoy them immensely and we did try lots of new positions. Here are some other reviews from the product site:

“Awesome product! Got this to enjoy with my girlfriend now soon to be wife when we were doing a long distance relationship. I don’t think we got off it all weekend. Great way to see if your girl is into any bondage and likes being tied up. She’ll love the feel of the fabric and it really feels like being pampered. Combine with some hip straps and blindfold and it’s even better. I was surprised to see how inhibitions fade away with the use of a blindfold. This has opened our sex life to many different avenues.”

And another:

“met my wife about 10 years ago and the sex was amazing. after ten years its still good but but no excitement. now enter the ramp wedge combo. bought it for valentines day but with the storm we had didn’t get it till after the 14th, such is my life. when we got it, it was like we were teens again. these are the best bedroom products we’ve ever used. definetly remember the restraints you will not be dissapointed.definetly will be buying more in the future (hopefully the esse or the new stage combo).”

And another; you can just hear her happiness leap off the page:

“My husband and I went to the factory store in Atlanta about a month ago and purchased the Black Label Wedge/Ramp combo. We’ve been married for 20 years and decided it was time to spice it up! The angles are UNBELIEVABLE allowing you to have mind blowing sex! The pieces work great serperate as well. My favorite is the wedge!! It is quite the serving platter. The cuffs and blindfold are extremely soft and comfortable to use when you want to gloriously torture your partner. Did I say OMG!! If they made Liberator bumper stickers I would probably put one on my car!”

Did you notice I picked reviews from various ages and married groups? I did that for a reason – each generation thinks/acts like they invented sex. And we all know by the continuation of the species for this long that’s simply not true. Has no one heard of the Kama Sutra?

Pete and I have probably had our liberator shapes or “bedroom adventure gear” (I saw that on their site and thought that was a hoot) for over three years and love them. I think they’d be a great addition to any bedroom no matter the age or size of the partners.

Don’t be shy.

Take a walk on the wild side and try the blindfold. Seriously.

And the cuffs. Trust me.

Would I steer you wrong?

~~C.J. Ellisson~~

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