Shades of Crimson – Christopher

Content Advisory: male/male sex scene

This is an ongoing serial story. Please see the posting from 9/13/2010 for Part One.

Recap: In part one, we met Andre, a young vampire who having completed a painting of his model, Virginia, had just sent her on her way home after a romp in his bed. As soon as Virginia left, his sire, Christopher, invited himself into Andre’s apartment.

Part Two:

Andre groaned as Christopher strutted through the bedroom doorframe. Why did he have to show up? Getting it up the ass wasn’t on his to do list.

“Do I take your immobility to mean you want it rough? I can certainly deliver.” Christopher chortled.

“You know where the damn lube is. Get it yourself.”

Christopher shook his head, parodying sadness. “My dear boy, such an attitude.”

“Must you always let yourself in unannounced?” Andre grasped at the blanket, wanting to yank the covers over himself and cut off Christopher’s hot gaze. He forced himself to relax his fingers and not give in to the urge. It wouldn’t matter anyway. If Christopher wanted his ass, Andre would be his bitch.

“Just doing my job by teaching you to remain alert. But that isn’t why I’m here.” He thrust his hips forward.

To Andre’s disgust, his dick started to harden.

Christopher blatantly stared at Andre’s crotch. “See, your body knows what you refuse to admit. You know you like it, and I know you like it.”


“My ass,” Christopher said and sauntered to the bedside table where he dug through the top drawer. He plucked out a tube and tossed it on the bed. “You might not be able to admit it yet, but your body doesn’t lie. I wouldn’t fuck you if you didn’t like it.”

“I don’t like it,” Andre snapped.

“Liar.” He slipped off his jacket, dropping it on the only chair. Then he sat beside Andre. “Let me pleasure you. Show you how to enjoy it.”

He reached for Andre and pulled him up into his arms. Andre tensed, though refusing wasn’t a viable option.

Christopher’s mouth touched his in a gentle press. He nipped Andre’s lower lip then sucked on it.

Andre’s cock twitched, and he wanted to punish the traitorous organ.

Christopher’s tongue pushed inside his mouth. His sire’s most recent meal flavored the kiss. Andre moaned. Encouraged, Christopher explored his mouth, his hot tongue twisting with Andre’s. Heat spread through him then he was kissing back, his own tongue trying to get in Christopher’s mouth.

What in the hell was he doing? Christopher treated him no better than a whore. Christopher broke the kiss and drew back.

Andre groaned.

“Yeah, I know. You want it. You just don’t want to want it.” He chuckled. “It’s okay. Really.” He brushed his fingers along Andre’s cheek in a caress that belied the strength in his hand. “I wanted you the moment I first saw you. I can’t say that about many of my fledglings.”

How many fledglings did he have? How many of them was he screwing? Resentment settled in his stomach like lead. He must have made a face because a grin spread over Christopher’s face.

“No need to be jealous. You’re the one I’m paying attention to at the moment.” His hand dropped down, warm fingers running over Andre’s chest and stomach.

A shiver of anticipation shot through him. Christopher went lower until he circled Andre’s prick in a warm grip. He moaned and squeezed his eyes shut.

“That’s it. Just let yourself enjoy it.” He ran his hand along Andre’s length, stroking rhythmically until his cock was rock-hard.

Please stop. “Don’t stop.” He thrust his hips upward.

Christopher released Andre’s shaft and caught his sac, massaging until a groan tore out of him.

Fire raged under his skin. “Please…”

A smirk lifted Christopher’s lips. “I know you like that. But be patient. Pretty soon, you’ll come to enjoy all of it.”

Andre tensed. Kissing and fondling was one thing. Having Christopher’s horse-sized cock up his ass was another.

“Easy,” Christopher said. “Relax and it won’t hurt so much.”

Andre didn’t buy it. Christopher was too big.

Christopher let go of Andre’s balls. “Lie down,” he said.

Heart thudding, Andre slipped from his arms and eased down on the mattress. It was gonna hurt. He didn’t give a rat’s-ass what his sire said.

“Bend your legs.”

Reluctantly, he complied.

Christopher lightly traced down from Andre’s balls then touched his hole. Andre jumped.

“Shh. Just let me make it good for you. Trust me.”

Andre snorted but made an effort to relax his muscles.

“That’s it,” Christopher whispered as his voice took on a hypnotic tone. His finger pressed Andre’s anus but didn’t penetrate. He backed off, pressed again, all the while keeping his gaze locked with Andre’s.

His breathing quickened at the silky touch.

“There, that’s nice. Isn’t it?” Christopher whispered. “I’m not going to hurt you.”

Yeah, right. So far, Christopher had killed him and then given him his very first ass-fucking. It had hurt on both counts.

Christopher’s nail fluttered over Andre’s opening, teasingly light. Despite his reluctance, a quiver of excitement hit him. Damnit, he didn’t want to like Christopher’s attentions.

“Roll over. I want to get you ready.”

His ass tightened.

Christopher laughed.

He repositioned on the soft sheet, and Christopher slapped him on the ass.

His right cheek stung. He looked back as his sire. “What the hell was that for?”

“Because I wanted to. That’s reason enough.”

Christopher reached for the lube. “Don’t worry. I’ll make it good for you, too. After a while, you’ll come to love this. And me.”

“Think pretty highly of yourself, Christopher?”

“Yeah, as a matter of fact. Now hold still.” His gel slathered finger touched Andre. His ass cheeks clenched. Christopher probed then pushed past the tight ring at his entrance. He stopped until Andre relaxed.

Christopher leaned down and kissed Andre’s shoulder in a brush of soft lips. Then his finger pushed deeper. “You okay?”

Andre nodded. Pressure in his ass made him want to bear down. He shifted and raised his hips a little.

“That’s it,” Christopher said, pushing his finger the rest of the way in.

Andre moaned but not from pain.

Christopher hesitated then pumped his finger until the action was smooth from the coating of lubricant. He pulled most of the way out then added a second finger. He pushed in slowly.

Andre fought the urge to tighten his ass. Christopher worked his fingers, stretching and pumping until the pain eased and pleasure ignited in its place. Moaning, he leaned back into Christopher’s fingers. His rock-hard cock twitched. He reached under and grasped himself.

Christopher wrapped his free hand around Andre’s balls then finger-fucking his hole with one hand, he massaged his nuts with the other. Andre lifted his ass higher, giving his sire better access as the sensations in his body sent him into a new realm of pleasure.

Oh, God. It felt so good. His eyes squeezed shut while he floated in the extreme pleasure Christopher was giving him.

“Yes,” Christopher hissed. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

Groaning, Andre pushed back into the probing fingers, then pumping his hips, he tried to take in even more. Christopher worked his fingers harder, pushing and stroking the center of Andre’s pleasure zone. “Like that, don’t you? Admit it.”

“You know I do, you bastard.”

Christopher laughed and pulled his fingers out.

The loss was immediate, and Andre groaned with need.

Christopher stood, undid his expensive trousers and pushed them off. He stroked himself languidly then climbed on the bed.

Anticipation coiled in Andre’s stomach as Christopher slathered lube on his jutting cock, then rubbed more around Andre’s hole. He caressed Andre’s ass cheek before moving into position.

Andre tensed then relaxed when his sire’s swollen head touched his entrance. Christopher latched onto his hips and raised him further. Andre braced himself. Christopher pressed against his hole. Moaning, Andre pushed back slightly in encouragement.

Holding his hips, Christopher eased inside, slowly driving forward until he buried his enormous cock to the hilt. He hesitated, letting Andre’s body stretch to accommodate his size.

Andre’s hands clutched at the sheet as he groaned in tormented pleasure. Then Christopher began thrusting in long slow strokes as his fingers caressed along Andre’s back and sides in feather strokes.

Andre’s  iron-hard cock pressed against his belly, bobbing with the force of his sire’s thrusts. He grasped himself, and in hard jerks, matched Christopher’s pace. “God,” he moaned into his pillow.

Christopher’s hips slammed against his ass as he picked up speed, driving harder. A sensation he hadn’t experienced before spread consuming heat through him.

Christopher grunted as he pounded into Andre. “Like it?” he panted.

Andre answered with another moan and pulled on his own cock. “Harder. Do it harder.”

Christopher hissed and leaning over him until his hot breath blew on Andre’s shoulder, he slammed home, fucking his ass in a hard rhythm.

Then Christopher’s hand joined his and together they jerked his cock in a matching motion.

Andre’s balls tightened and a tingle at the base of his spine signaled his approaching orgasm. As if sensing it, Christopher sawed into him with abandon as he pulled harder on Andre’s cock.

Andre shouted as hot jizz spurted on his belly in strong jets.

Christopher grunted and captured Andre’s balls. He squeezed the globes and Andre pushed back, grinding on Christopher’s length.

Christopher slammed against his ass and with a bellow and came in hot bursts. His cock twitched inside Andre’s ass, and Christopher’s hands clamped hard on his hips, holding him still.

Andre’s head kicked back as Christopher’s cock jerked, filling him with more hot fluid. Anticipating Christopher’s withdrawal, he didn’t welcome the disconnection of their bodies.

Christopher’s panting breath blew over his back before the older vampire’s lips touched his skin in a gentle kiss. “I knew you would enjoy anal sex if you would just let yourself.” His hands ran over Andre’s back. “There is nothing wrong with enjoying the body of another male.”

Andre moaned and shivered beneath him.

Remaining inside him, Christopher stroked his hands down Andre’s sides in a caress before reaching under him once more, circling Andre’s hardening length. “I’ll make you come again,” he said and slid his hand along the shaft in firm strokes.

A strangled groan erupted from Andre as he pushed his rump back against his sire. The huge cock buried up his ass began to grow firmer. A rush of heat burned through him as Christopher stroked his dick.

“Fuck me again,” Andre groaned.

“I’m going to fuck you all night. Your sweet ass is going to be worn out by dawn.”

Andre shivered. Why had he fought this when all he had to do was relax so he could enjoy the marvelous sensations inside him? Jesus, did that mean he was bisexual? He sure as shit wasn’t giving up women. He still wanted pussy. But now he wanted Christopher’s dick up his ass, too.

A sudden mental image of him fucking Madison while Christopher fucked him nearly tore a moan of longing from him. Then Christopher surged inside him. “Hard,” he moaned. “Fuck me hard.”

Christopher stroked Andre’s cock in rhythm with solid thrusts into his anus until Andre thought he might die from pleasure.

He shuddered and his prick strained upward in Christopher’s sliding hand. He was going to jizz on his belly again and it wasn’t going to take long. The sensations in his ass and cock were too much to resist for long.

Christopher increased his tempo, thrusting and stroking hard and fast. His grunts mingled with Andre’s moans in a crescendo of excited pleasure.

Andre’s cock jerked in his sire’s hand and come blasted onto his skin in a hot, powerful spray. Christopher stroked harder, milking out every last drop, then his hand slid back to Andre’s balls and grasped them in a hard possessive grip. Andre shrieked but not from pain though there was pressure.

Christopher roared and as his cock pulsed in Andre’s ass, he shot deep inside him, coming hard.

Andre pushed back against his sire, wanting everything he could give. His breath came in hard, rasping pants and as Christopher disengaged, Andre fell onto the sheets. Sweat coated his skin. His body was on fire from the heat they’d generated.

Jesus, what he’d been missing! Now he could have the best of both worlds. Male and female.

Christopher stretched out beside him, one hand on his ass. Andre eased closer, suddenly wanting the feel of Christopher’s body wrapped around his. He sighed in a moment of perfect bliss.

A sharp knock sounded on the apartment door. “Andre?” a feminine voice trilled. “Andre, are you home?”

Madison! Oh Jesus, what was she doing at his door? She shouldn’t be home for two more hours.

“Andre, babe. Let me in.”

“Who’s the impatient visitor?” Christopher asked and brushed Andre’s hair back from his face.

“My neighbor,” he hissed. His heart thudded against his ribs.

“That lovely child who lives next door?”

How the hell did he know that? Shit, Christopher knew everything about him. “Yeah, but she’s really not a lovely person. Nasty tempered wench. I don’t know why she keeps bothering me.”

Christopher snorted. “I couldn’t care less about her personality. She’s quite ravishing. I want to fuck her.”

No! He almost shouted the word. Madison was his, and he wasn’t sharing. If Christopher fucked Madison with that huge cock, he wouldn’t stand a chance. He had looks and a big enough prick, but Christopher had that something special that he lacked. Christopher was blessed with an overdose of charisma.

Fisting the sheets he said, “You don’t want to get tangled up with her. Trust me. The woman is a shrew. Wouldn’t be worth it.”

Christopher laughed. “I think you’re jealous. Do you want her?” Christopher’s voice was silky smooth but Andre wasn’t fooled.

“No. I don’t.”

“Andre. Please let me in if you’re home,” she called from the hallway.

Christopher grinned, showing monster sized fangs. “Don’t feed me bullshit.”

Speechless, Andre met his sire’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. I won’t hurt her. But I am going to fuck her, and she’s going to like it. After that, you may have her. Unless she wishes to spend her time with me.” He chuckled. “You must remember, I like women just as much as you do.” He reached down, caught Andre’s nuts and squeezed. “I can give you pleasure she cannot, but I can also cause pain if you want to be needlessly difficult.” His hand clamped down, keeping the pressure just north of pain.

Heat lashed through Andre. He bared his teeth but choked off the hiss that wanted out.

Christopher stroked his thumb over Andre’s balls. “Now don’t start something you can’t finish. I’m older than you and much stronger. Taking me on wouldn’t be in your best interests. And we both know it.”

Andre growled.

“Get dressed and let her in. I want to meet the young lady.”

“Andre will be right there,” he called to Madison and a large smile spread across his face.


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    wow!!!!! Talk about H.O.T . Love it 😛

  2. Nickie Asher says:

    Thanks, Sharlene. Glad you like it.

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    *fanning self* wow that was…

  4. Nickie Asher says:

    LOL LeeAnne. Hope you enjoy the story as it goes along.

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