Content Advisor: m/f scene containing masturbation and oral sex

The first Tuesday in every month, from three until five, is always blocked out in Luke’s planner. The unbreakable appointment with his sex therapist. Well, that’s what he calls his sessions with Jessica. She has cost him a fortune over the years, but she’s the best and he deserves the best.

The hotel door shuts behind him with a muffled click. His eyes flit around the room and he nods with approval. From the lush carpeting to the dark walls and sumptuous drapes, it’s perfect. Opulent but understated. It’s the first time they have been to this hotel, and, like all first times, it seems to sparkle with opportunity.

Luke smirks at the ironed white sheets, wondering just how long their pristine crispness will last. Just thinking of all the people who have fucked on this bed before him is enough to make his blood pump a little faster.

The bedside clock winks a bloodshot 3:11 at him. She’s late. His forehead creases with disapproval. Perhaps he will punish her.  Blood infuses his cock, a heady rush as he contemplates what he might do to her.

He starts at a brisk tap at the door. Passing the mirror, he schools his face into an image of censure. He straightens to his full height while twisting the doorknob, opening the door to her wide-eyed gaze.

“You’re late.” He rakes her from head to toe. Her delectable curves are hidden, confined by a suit.

“I know. I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.” She throws him a dimpled smile by way of apology. “I promise.”

“You’d better. Time is money and all that.”

“I know, I know.” Her head dips to the side. “You gonna let me in or are you going to gripe at me some more?”

He steps aside and as she passes he catches a whiff of the Chanel No 5 dabbed behind her ears and between her breasts. Her magnificent, responsive, pink-tipped breasts. He absently shakes his head, trying to clear it before he gets too side tracked. She tows a large suitcase on wheels. He lifts an eyebrow at it.

“What’s in the bag?”

“A surprise for later.” She says without facing him.

“It’s a big bag.”

“It’s a big surprise.” Mischievously she flashes her dimples again and his residual irritation dissolves. She always pulls this effect from him. Scrambling his senses, heating his blood. It’s why, despite marriage and children, he can never give up this time with her; never give up this one last freedom.

She parks the case in the corner of the room and with a flick of her tousled hair and a wiggle of her lush ass, she heads into the bathroom. She disappears from view and her heels tap, tap, tap a tattoo over the tiles. He knows each orchestrated movement is for his benefit and the deepest most primitive part of him sings with delight. He hears the faucets turning, the rush of the water sounding angry as it echos within the confines of the small space.

He smiles, wondering what part the water will play in tonight’s agenda. Past memories of exotic-scented bath water, bubbling jacuzzis and shower heads blasting hard and insistent against quivering flesh, run riot through his head in glorious technicolor.

His pants begin to feel uncomfortably tight. Expectation for tonight heightens all of his senses. He shivers with a frisson of anticipation. She is his mistress of mystery, always surprising him. It’s what makes him so hot for her. Before he can gather his wits, she appears in the doorway, beckoning to him.

“Strip off and come on in lover boy.” Her voice sounds inviting, sultry and oh, so sexy.

A feral grin cracks across his face. She doesn’t need to ask twice. His tailored clothes hit the floor in a mad dash to get to the bathroom.

“My, oh my. Someone looks happy to see me.” Her gaze levels at the erection which springs to rampant rigidity between his thighs. She’s wearing only her underwear. Brief, black and lacy, just the way he likes it. The garments barely contain her bountiful curves. All of her dips and hollows emphasized by the sheer scraps of satin and lace.

Luke’s grin heats and he pumps his cock in a tight fist. Unashamed and unabashed. His intent blatant. The friction causes his eyes to dip in bliss.

“Hmmm, he never has been terribly subtle about his attraction to you, Jess.” He opens his eyes and winks at her.

“Settle down, mister,” her chastisement in good humor. “How about you put down the weapon and get into the tub or you’ll be out of ammo before we get a chance to play.”

“Howzabout you mosey on over here and come for a lil’ ride?” he drawls.

“All in good time pardner… now into the bath.” Her tone brooks no dispute.

He steps into the steaming water. It’s the perfect temperature – hot enough to cause his breath to stutter as the water washes up and over his groin and torso. He bends his knees and slides further down the tub, letting the water work wonders over his chest and shoulders.

She lights candles and places them around the small space. He senses hints of vanilla and lavender. Quite a steamy sensuality she’s creating. Jessica has an extraordinary ability to make the ordinary and mundane fall away until there’s nothing left but her. She’s the sorbet which cleanses his palate of duty and expectation.

A small click and the room dims, bathed now in the aromatic flickering candle light. She looks even more inscrutable and enigmatic in the muted glow. The lovely woman drops to her knees beside the tub. Her manicured hands dip into the water and drift up and over his chest, stroking, massaging.

His eyes droop as he gives in to the sensation of hands roving everywhere at once. Neck, shoulders, arms, belly. Her fingertips stray lower and his pelvis jerks, trying to hurry her along, showing her what he wants. What he needs. A push of haughty air from her nose tells him cannot rush her. She continues her petting in a languid, indolent way.

“C’mon baby,” he wheedles, cracking an eye at her to judge her willingness. “I can’t take too much more. Get in with me.”

Her dimples dance and she tweaks one of his nipples in mock annoyance.

“Perhaps, but first I need you to do a little something for me.” Her hands continue stroking. Her fingers press and knead. The nimble caresses seem everywhere and nowhere. Insistent, persistent, unrelenting. Always avoiding his crotch.

He grinds his teeth, but keeps the sound in. He knows it’s a game — she loves to tease. To torment and harden his cock. To tantalize him beyond what he can take.

Those clever fingers sweep low into his pubic hair then splay out, around, and down on to his muscular thighs. His hips twitch again and this time, he emits a tortured grunt. The water slaps against the side of the tub, seeming to mirror his annoyance.

“Anything, I’ll give you anything.” He gasps. She could ask for the world and he would give it to her.

“I want to shave off your pubic hair.” She lets her fingertips glide over his throbbing erection and he bucks at the feather-light touch, his moans instinctive and primal.

“Why?” he grinds out through closed teeth, trying to keep his tortured libido under control.

“Why not?” she counters. “It makes it look bigger, the added feeling is fantastic…and I know that you’re a sucker for sensation.” She bats her eyelashes, pauses and adds, “And every hair-free place will receive an obscene amount of my love and affection.” She lifts an eyebrow and licks her lips, her eyes never breaking contact with his needy stare.

“So, will you let me?” Her voice purrs, soft and compelling. Not nearly as soft and compelling as her hand, which is now wrapped around his cock, working its way from the base to the already weeping tip.

“Oh God…” He thrusts into her hand, searching for relief. “Yes, yes, YES. Just do it quickly.” Luke’s eyes plead with her piercing blue gaze.

She smiles in a reassuring way, “Come sit up here on the edge of the tub and lean back against the wall.”

His flesh starts to goose pimple against the cold tiles. He scowls as doubts start to set in. The thought of sharp implements near his testicles seems very stupid. “Umm, actually I’m not too sure about this…”

“Shhhh… close your eyes,” she whispers, her hand cupping his cheek. “I’ll be gentle. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

Luke forces his eyes closed. His pulse thumps both with desire and a panicky nervousness of the unknown. But he trusts her — has always trusted her to teach him even when he thought he knew it all. He slows his breathing, grips the edge of the tub and spreads his thighs, ready for her ministrations.

“This will feel a little cold at first, but I promise it will be worth it when I finish.”

The chill of the foam around his pubes isn’t nearly as unpleasant as he thought it would be. His cock wilts slightly from cold and anxiety, then eagerly swells as her fingers deftly move around his nether region. Swirling and stroking soapy foam all over him.

The temptress pulls the skin of his sac taut and the razor drags over him. He hears the scrape and the swish as she cleans the blade in the bath water. He mentally flinches, but relaxes as he realizes the only discomfort is in his mind.

“Just think about how much fun my tongue is going to have down here when I’ve finished.” Her voice soothes him, low and reassuring.

There is a rhythm as she works on him. Pull the skin tight, stroke with the blade, rinse. Pull, stroke, rinse. Pull, stroke, rinse. Each pass making him a little smoother, the skin a little softer.

“I’m done,” she says.

His eyes fly open.

“Rinse off and come on through.” She disappears into the bedroom. Luke plunges back into the bath and rinses the soap away from his denuded crotch. It feels amazing. He revels in the touch of his hand against his smooth balls and all around the base of his penis. He moans at the sheer decadent pleasure of it.

“Oh my God, it feels fan-fuckin’-tastic.”

“Told you,” she calls smugly. “Wait until you see what my tongue feels like.”

Luke stands, splashing water up over the edge of the tub, dousing one of the candles with a smoky hiss. He grabs a towel and dries himself in harsh brisk motions. He stares at his new reflection in the mirror and idly stokes his engorged cock, moving from side to side, taking in the novelty of his new look.

“Hurry up, Lover Boy. Let me inspect my handy work.”

He finds her kneeling in the bedroom, beckoning to him. He moves in front of her, placing his crotch at eye level.

“Do you like what you see?” he asks.

“Yeah, I do. Lots.” She strokes a finger up the underside of his shaft, pulling a shudder from him. “Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah.” He replies low, almost a whisper.

Like a cat, she rubs her cheek up against him, inhaling the musky scent of his arousal. “Like that?”

“Baby,” he says, “when you are on your knees in front of me, I LOVE whatever you do to me.”

“You’re so easy.”

He chuckles. “So you keep telling me.”

She pushes him backwards until the bed hits his knees, forcing him to sit. His balls are hyper-sensitive and just sitting on the satiny comforter sends his synapses into overdrive.

Jess scoots forward on her knees and those enchanted fingers work their magic again. Dancing over his balls, sweeping around the base of his cock and stroking gently up to the swollen head, which oozes proof of his growing arousal.

“Please, let me feel your mouth.” He rasps, breathing already ragged.

He glances down at her through half-lidded eyes and she looks up while snaking out her tongue to twirl around his sac. He hisses at the warm, wet, exquisite feeling. Not breaking eye contact for a moment, she dips lower and draws the whole sac into the heat of her mouth, one hand stroking his thigh, the other gently pumping his cock. His hips undulate of their own accord, encouraging her every movement.

Holy hell. He hasn’t felt this desperate and out of control since high school. His cock throbs. He tries to hold back his motion — tries not to thrust. On the edge of a precipice, his self control hangs by the barest of threads.

She continues to lock eyes with him and as he looks down into those big blue eyes, she drops one lid to wink at him. Then with his balls still within the scalding heat of her mouth, she starts to hum, the vibrations pulsing through the very core of him, sending his restraint spiraling into oblivion.

Her grip on his cock pumps hard and fast. The tidal wave starts at his toes, moving like quicksilver, storming through his veins, exploding from him in great milky spurts. He tips his head back, squeezes his eyes shut, and he roars his pleasure to the ceiling.

Luke collapses backwards, body spent. “Sorry, that was so brief,” he gasps when his heart slows. “I was a little…overwhelmed .” He smiles fondly at the woman between his splayed knees.

“You owe me,” Jess purrs. “I’ll collect later,” she pauses and waggles her eyebrows “with interest.”

“I look forward to paying the debt… just as soon as I can see straight and breathe again.”

He pulls her close and drops a kiss on top of her tousled head. After a minute, he focus on the case still parked in the corner of the room.

“Hey, you haven’t told me about the surprise.”

“What surprise?” She flutters her eyelashes, playing the innocent.

“The one you walked in with. The one in that huge case in the corner.”

“Oh… that.” She grins.

“Are you gonna tell me or am I gonna have to spank it out of you?”

“Oooh, promises, promises…”

“Jess…” His tone serious, hoping to scare the information out of her.

“OK, OK,” she giggles. “The surprise is that this ‘date’ doesn’t end at five today.” Luke’s face creases with confusion, but Jessica carries on. “Your mother is looking after the kids, your schedule and mine have been cleared, and we do not have to leave this room until late tomorrow morning. The case is our overnight bag.” She beams at him.

Luke whoops with delight, scoops her up and squeezes her so tight she squeaks.

“You are the best wife in the world.”

“You’d better believe it, Buster, because I have another surprise.”

“Better than the last one?”

“Yeah, you’ll think so.” Her blue eyes twinkle and that naughty little tongue darts out and wets her lips again. “I did a little shaving of my own before I got here.”

His eyes dip to the tiny scrap of material covering her mound. He sends an exploratory hand under the fabric and meets with baby soft skin and silky folds already slick with moisture. A sharp spike of lust hits him straight in his own freshly shaved groin.

“Lord, have mercy,” he murmurs as his fingers discover this new velvety playground. Jessica’s hips start to gyrate.

“He may have some, Luke, but don’t expect any from me.”

Her hips lift and buck hard against his hand. Luke smiles and sets to work. He has a debt to repay. With interest.


If you enjoyed this story, then look for my next one on October 12, 2010 when I will be posting again.  Hotels are such rich pickings for sexy stories that I am sure I can find another guest or two (or three perhaps?!) to lay themselves bare for you…

Copyright © 2010 Greta Goddard

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


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Greta is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She always knew she would write - just as soon as life stopped being so hectic. It recently occurred to her, with a hospitality business, teaching, study, two kids, a long suffering husband and a part-time dog, her day to day existence would always resemble a bad sit-com. So, she should shut up, sit her butt on the chair and put her fingers on the keyboard. Greta Goddard has her two erotic short story collections published, and is published in the Everything Erotic Anthologies. You can contact her at
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  1. sharlene says:

    very cheeky I like it married to the sex therapist, sneaky twist.

  2. I don’t know why I got so worried. Maybe it was thinking he was cheating, and then she had him vulnerable–with a blade down there. I was thinking Lorena Bobbit not sexy married games. LOL

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