Alternate scene from Built for Lust

My September release from Changeling Press tells the story of two werewolves, Gray and Cara. If you’d like to read this scene from Cara’s point of view go to

Gray kissed Cara then, no more than a gentle sampling of her mouth with his own. As eagerly as he’d devoured her pussy earlier, he’d never kissed her before, and although he couldn’t have known what to expect, he could never have imagined…well…this.

This proud, independent woman -the one who’d built a mate so that no real male, wolf or human, could dominate her – melted against him.

After a moment, she sighed into his mouth in a way that made his blood heat and his cock stiffen. The loose robes her clan wore allowed them to shift easily, but it also made it a simple matter to lift both hems and drive his sex into hers. After only a moment kissing her he’d lost himself in arousal. Every bit of his consciousness focused on his woman and how she made him wild. The rustle of the leaves in the forest somehow combined with the sound of her sighs as she clung to his shoulders and pulled her body hard against his. Her firm breasts pressed into his chest, the nipples hardening under the soft material of her robe. And lower, her pelvis rubbed his member. Now fully erect and throbbing, it would soon get out of his control.

He had so little experience in human form. He still had to learn to slow down so that he could satisfy his mate. This mate had no plans to let him do that, though, as she demanded more and more with her mouth and continued to rub herself into his erection.

He pulled away after a moment and rested his forehead against hers. “You see? A miracle.”

“Of your own creation.”

“Nope.” He pressed his lips against her jaw and then trailed them up to her temple. “I’m nothing without you.”

So precious, every part of her. Her skin, the wisps of hair that brushed his nose. Even her earlobe was tiny and perfect. He breathed into her ear, and she let out a gasp of surprise that melted into a sigh of pleasure. The sounds made his heart swell with pride.

“Do that again,” he murmured.

“What?” Her voice came out as soft as the breeze.

“That little noise.” He breathed hotly into her ear again, and this time, she moaned. “Damn, that makes me hot.”

Now, he claimed her mouth with more urgency, parting her lips as he pulled her even harder against him. His erect cock pressed against her belly through their robes. What miracles this woman created. She’d built him to be a machine, but then, he’d morphed into a live wolf. Now human as well, he could love her as a male of both species. His animal nature sought completion in her body and always found it. Spiritual and physical at the same time.

Right now, the physical consumed him. He reached to her buttocks and cupped them as he ground his hips against her. “I can’t seem to stop.”

“Did I ask you to?”

“No matter how much I get of you, I need more.”

Now desperate for her, he pushed her against a post at the corner of the porch and thrust his pelvis up against her. The force of his movements almost pushed her feet from the planks, but she clung to his shoulders, digging her fingers into the muscles there.

“I should be gentle,” he whispered.

“You should be who you are,” she answered. “My male animal.”

“Sit on the railing and open your legs for me.”

“I have another surprise first.” Before he could stop her, she pushed away and dropped to her knees in front of him. Struggling to get air into his lungs, he watched as she bunched the fabric of his robe into her fists. His member stood straight out from his body, already livid with arousal. Smiling, she grasped it at the base and then moved her fingers along the shaft to the head.

A surprise, she’d said. What could he find more exciting than the sight of his woman touching him so intimately? Still, the wicked glint in her eyes promised more.

“What are you doing?” he gasped.

“Loving your cock.”

“With your hand?”

“Not exactly.” She licked the length of him from the base to the tip and then circled her tongue around the head. Oh…dear…God. His knees almost buckled, as pure, raw need sliced through him. So intense, he’d never last if she continued, and yet, where would he find the strength to stop her?

“You shouldn’t do that,” he said.

“You can’t stop me.”

“Damn it, Cara. I’ll come in your mouth.”

“You won’t do that,” she answered. “You want to fuck me too much.”

“You have a filthy mouth, mate.”

“All the better to eat you with.” This time, she slid her lips over him, guiding them down his shaft as far as they would go. He was far too big for her to swallow him all, so she gripped the rest of him with her fingers and pumped.

“Holy hell, that’s good.” He clutched the railing for support and let her continue. Without him willing it, his hips began to move in a slower version of the thrusts he used in coupling. “I never imagined.”

She continued, taking him deeper into her mouth. He could hardly keep his eyes open, as his mind kept drifting off into that magical place that led to orgasm. But, he couldn’t allow himself to miss the sight of her lips sliding along his shaft or how his flesh emerged again, moist from her caresses. She would only do such a thing out of love, and though it hardly seemed possible, he cherished her more with every passing moment.

“I feel as if I’m going to explode.” He groaned as his thrusts went deeper. Enough. He couldn’t take any more without losing himself in climax. “Cara, you’d better… oh… you’d better stop. Now.”

The instant she released him, he lifted her under her arms and deposited her on the corner of the railing, pushing her into the post behind her back. Both of them struggled for a second or two to get her robe up over her hips. When they had, she reached for his member and guided the tip between the lips of her sex. In one fluid move, he drove himself into her, lifting her off the wood. Damn, he couldn’t help himself. She’d pushed him too far.

As he buried himself inside her, she clung to his shoulders and wrapped her legs around his hips. His hands cupping her buttocks, he shoved deeper into her sex, all the way to the root of his cock.

Miraculous woman, she’d taken all of him and strained against him to keep him inside her. As he moved, she tipped back her head and let loose a throaty growl of possession. She did own him, utterly. After this woman, no other could possibly satisfy him, and he’d make damned good and sure that she’d never need another lover, either.

For now, he had to fuck her. Heaven help him, just fuck her. As his hips moved, he massaged her ass, creating a wave motion – in, out, up, down. Each thrust met her downward motion, their bodies slapping together. Her gasps turned into little cries as she climbed higher, closer to climax. She’d come soon, and he’d feel her spasms as he joined her.

“Don’t stop,” she whispered. “More. Please.”

“Hold tight, baby.” He quickened his movements, for his own pleasure but more for her. Everything for her.

“I’m going to come,” she said. “Oh, God, now. I’m…”

The words ended in a shriek as her pussy tensed and then burst into orgasm, grasping at him in a mad rhythm. He kept moving the whole time as he surrendered to his own climax. The tension built in his balls and then rushed through him, claiming his whole body.

Pent-up lust shot out of him in waves, hot and fast. It seemed to go on forever, the two of them soaring together. When it finally ended, he settled her back on the railing and held her against his chest. As she sagged against him and sighed, the aftershocks of her orgasm still fluttered around his cock. Slowly, his heartbeat went back to normal, but nothing would ever go back to the way it had been before. She’d changed his life forever.


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