Riding Out the Storm

Riding Out the Storm is the first installment of Rendezvous, short stories of sexy close encounters. They won’t necessarily feature the same people, although you may meet them again in another Rendezvous later. Enjoy!

It was 10 p.m. and here she was torturing herself. Half an hour before closing, Jane was alone in the gym with the exception of Matt. And what an exception he was. Exceptional was more like it.

Though he owned the place, he didn’t look like a gym rat. Those over-muscled meatheads that could barely move their arms because they were so bulked up didn’t appeal her at all. Matt, on the other hand, resembled a Greek statue with his finely sculpted biceps and chiseled pecs. Definitely a great advertisement for his business.

Punching the buttons in front of her, Jane slowed the treadmill. She’d been at it for 45 minutes and it was time to cool down. Movement to her left gave her a split second warning before the object of her lust appeared in front of her.

“Good workout tonight?” Matt’s gaze scorched a path down her body before coming back to rest on her face with a quick wink.

The effect on her body was predictable and instantaneous. Her nipples pebbled inside her sturdy sports bra and her panties dampened.

“Yeah. Thanks for staying.” Her breathless reply embarrassed her, but maybe he would attribute it to her workout.

Judging by his knowing grin, though, she didn’t think so.

“Anything for you, pretty lady.” Then with another slow perusal that lingered on her slightly bouncing breasts, he moved over to the counter with the mound of clean towels and began folding them.

A loud boom followed by a flash of light startled her, drawing her attention from ogling Matt to the large windows at the front of the gym. The light flared again and water lashed the glass. The storm that had been brewing all day finally hit. Couldn’t it wait another 30 minutes until she got home? Another crack of thunder jarred her concentration.

Turning off the machine, Jane hopped off and grabbed her water. Should she skip her shower here at the gym and just head home? She took a swig from her bottle, tipping it too fast. Water flooded her mouth and overflowed onto her tank top, soaking it through to her bra.

As she stood there, the sweat on her body cooled in the air conditioned gym, chasing goosebumps up her arms. No. Better to wash up now. Recapping her bottle, she snatched a towel and slipped into the women’s locker room.

The showers here were the best she’d seen at places like this. Each stall consisted of a shower with an opaque plastic door, plus a small space just outside with a bench, hooks for clothing and a curtain for privacy. Plenty of room to move around, dry off, dress.

Jane pulled her clothes off and wrapped her bath towel around her. Rummaging in her locker, she found her shower caddy and water shoes and headed in to clean up.

Just as she lathered her hair up, the lights went out. Holy crap! This storm must have been worse than she thought. The locker room was so dark, she couldn’t see her hand in front of her face. What should she do? She was sure to hurt herself if she tried to traverse the gym in the dark.

First things first, she needed to get this shampoo out of her hair. Then she could wrap up in a towel, sit on the bench in her shower stall, and wait for the lights to come back on. With that plan firmly in place, she closed her eyes and dipped her head under the steady stream of warm water.

As she opened her eyes, a shaft of light pierced the plastic door.

“Jane! Are you all right?” Matt’s worried voice carried over the sounds of the shower.

Jane opened the shower door and poked her head out. There stood her knight in shining flashlight. When he caught sight of her, his concerned expression changed, the fire in his gaze hot enough to melt the earth’s core as well as her own.

At the change in his demeanor, she glanced down and noticed that even though only her head stuck out of the shower, her whole body was plainly visible in the beam of the flashlight.

“Uh, yeah. I’m fine.” Crossing one arm over her breasts and one hand over her pussy, Jane squirmed under his intense stare as she fought to control her body’s reaction to him.

“You’re definitely fine.” Instead of pulling the curtain back in place, Matt strode forward.

“What are you doing?” Her face flamed and she cursed her tendency to blush. Hopefully Matt wouldn’t notice in the dim light.

“I’ve noticed the way you look at me. I’m sure you’ve seen how I watch you. It’s time to do something about this attraction.”


“Unless you don’t feel it too. Just say so and I’ll leave the flashlight here for you to get dressed.” He stood before her, only a thin plastic door between them and waited for her answer.

They stared into each other’s eyes and she knew this was her one chance with him. If she told him no, he’d honor her request and he wouldn’t ask again. Could she throw her natural caution out and grab onto him with both hands? She wanted to.

Taking her silence as a refusal, Matt pulled both ends of the flashlight, turning it into a small lantern. Setting in on the bench, he spun around to go.

“Wait!” Nervous, she licked her lips as he faced her. His gaze narrowed in on the small movement.

“I don’t normally do this, but…I want you to stay.” Her momentary confidence fled with the rush of words and she shied from his stare.

Matt reached out a hand and tilted her chin, forcing her eyes to meet his. “I don’t pick up women in my gym either, but you’re special.”

Not sure if the words were true, and not caring at that moment, Jane nodded. That one gesture started a blaze between them like a dislodged stone starts a rock slide.

He crushed his lips to her and pulled her unresisting body into his as the shower door hit the wall beside him. Stepping forward, Matt forced her back under the stream of water.

Jane tore her mouth away and gasped. “You’re still dressed.”

Water cascaded over him, molding his clothes to his so-fine form.

“Not for long.” With a wicked waggle of eyebrows, he pushed her against the wall and reclaimed her kiss.

Matt’s hands cupped her jaw angling her head so he could push his tongue inside her mouth.

Her blood rushed through her like molten lava. This man’s affect on her threw her mind. Matt could have her wet and ready with just a kiss, while most men she dated couldn’t melt an ice cube.

He slid his hands down to her breasts. Zeroing on her nipples, Matt rolled them between his fingers. Fire spread like a line of gasoline connected the sensitive nubs directly to her pussy and he was the match. A low moan broke free from her when he moved his mouth down to her neck in nibbling kisses.

Pleasure crashed through her like waves against a shoreline. Every time she got her balance, he would touch her somewhere else and another bolt of lust rocketed through her, spiking her arousal higher.  She ran her hands over his shoulders and felt his wet shirt. While there was something erotic about being completely nude while he still had all his clothes on, she wanted skin on skin.

“Off.” Jane grabbed the bottom of his tank top and yanked. Stopping his ministrations just long enough to pull the offending garment off, Matt came back to her breasts while his hands found her wet warmth.

He tongued the first areola, teasing it before he sucked her nipple into his mouth. Her breasts had always been responsive, but this man took her to new heights. She wanted to feel his cock inside her so bad, she throbbed.

His magic fingers thrust into her, building the tension inside. As she neared climax, he pulled out and stroked her mound. When she’d calmed a bit, he pushed his fingers back into her cunt and resumed his rhythm. Her ache coiled inside her like a spring waiting to be sprung. She was so close.

“Now! I can’t wait any longer.” She reached down and grasped his dick. Long and hard, her mouth watered. Maybe she could wait a few extra minutes if he let her suck on him for a while.

“I want to make it good for you, baby.” He switched over to her other breast, giving it the same treatment while his fingers moved to circle her clit.

“It is. It is. Inside me. Now.” Needing release, Jane sobbed as the pleasure built even higher.

At her cry, Matt stopped sucking her breast and pulled his fingers away. He pulled a condom from his pocket and then yanked his shorts and underwear down in one swift move. Quickly sheathing himself, he whirled her around.

Jane braced her hands on the shower wall as he tilted her hips up. Slipping the tip of his cock along her slit, Matt teased her for a moment. Then he plunged into her, drawing a scream from her throat.

Her pussy felt so full as it clasped his erection. His unmoving erection. Was he trying to kill her? What was he waiting for?

“Did I hurt you?” Tension and worry threaded through his voice.

“No, but I’m going to hurt you if you don’t move. Hard.” Gasping out her threat, Jane pushed back against him.

Her words and action spurred him. Matt pulled out and thrust back into her, hard, just as she wanted. Pumping in and out, she could feel his dick getting bigger, longer. He must be close.

His fingers found her clit again, rubbing in time with his thrusts. The coil inside her grew more taut. Matt pinched her sensitive bundle of nerves and she exploded. Her body bowed forward and fireworks speared her skull as waves of pleasure wracked her shot through her pussy. With three more quick strokes, Matt groaned as he joined her in climax.

As they leaned against the wall panting, the lights came back on.

“Guess playtime is over.” Jane tried not to let her disappointment color her words.

Matt’s cock slipped from her pussy and he turned her to face him, cradling her face. “It doesn’t have to be.”

“What do you mean?”

“I meant it when I said you were special. Come home with me tonight. I’ll take you on a date tomorrow.”

Jane looked into Matt’s eyes and saw the truth there. Relief and happiness prompted her to tease him. “Go home with you? What kind of girl do you think I am?”

Letting out the breath he held, Matt laughed. “Mine?”

“That works. Now can we get out of here? The water’s freezing.”

Matt turned off the water. “No worries, babe. I’ll warm you up.”

Jane laughed and kissed him quick as she accepted her towel. “I know you will.”

Please return on October 29th for the next Rendezvous.

~~Scarlett Jameson~~
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Copyright © 2010 Scarlett Jameson

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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7 Responses to Riding Out the Storm

  1. Whooo Hoo! Nice job, Scarlet. That sounds like a great place to work out! Okay, now I need a shower.

  2. Very well done and hot – I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think I need a cold shower now… 😉

  3. Gale says:

    Hot! They took the words out of my mouth – need a shower quick.

  4. Mabye its time to join the gym 🙂

    Yes and I must say definelty time to have a cold shower !!!!
    Definetly a hot story !!

  5. Carly Carson says:

    Great job Scarlett. I just got out of the shower so…I can always read it again, right?

  6. Thanks everyone! I had such a great time writing this and I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Can you tell I’ve been working out a lot lately? 😉

  7. Kelly Whitley says:

    Going out right now to join a gym.
    Great story. I liked the ending.

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