Shades of Crimson – Victoria

Shades of Crimson is an ongoing serial about a vampire artist and his sex-capades with models, his neighbor, and his bisexual sire.

Andre brushed in the last bit of shading on his interpretation of Victoria’s nearly transparent wrap, the only thing she wore, and stepped back to admire his work. The painting did the curvy young woman justice.

She arched her back, jutting perfect breasts upward.

He quirked an eyebrow and felt his fangs trying to make a surprise appearance. Holy crap. If he didn’t get a grip on himself, another human would bust him again before he turned six months old in his new life, or more accurately, his new unlife.

Tossing aside the wispy bit of fabric, Victoria lay back on the antique lounge she’d posed on for her portrait. She brushed back waves of blonde hair before letting her hand fall to her breast. Gazing into his eyes, she stroked over one hard nipple.

Andre’s growing cock pressed against his confining pants.

A smile curved her lips as she lifted one leg, drawing up her knee, while the other leg dangled off the lounge. Her hand traced down her flat belly, over her mound, and touched the glistening skin peeking at Andre.

His fangs throbbed, his balls ached, and his stomach gave a jabbing reminder that he had things to attend to besides painting naked women.

He’d never had trouble getting laid, but now it was ridiculous. Every female he encountered wanted to bang him. Not that he minded. And it sure as hell made getting a meal easy.

He reached her in three strides and scooped her into his arms. “I think we can find a better place for this.” He wasn’t going to fuck on a delicate piece that barely supported his models.

His lips found hers, tasting her honeyed flavor as he carried her through the apartment to the bedroom. Breaking the kiss, he placed her on his bed. She drew up her legs, reached between them and languidly stroked her index finger along her wet slit.

His fangs lengthened. He willed them away.

“Are you going to stand there all night or are you going to join me?” she asked while dipping a finger inside her pussy. She pulled the digit out then thrust it back in.

His cock and fangs certainly thought it was a good idea.

He shucked off his shirt, letting the well-cut garment fall to the floor. His shoes and socks followed. Kneeling on the bed beside Victoria, he captured one large breast then stroked his thumb over her nipple. Moaning, she threw her head back.

Andre lightly pinched the hard bud before sucking it into his mouth. Gasping, she pressed forward, giving him a face full of soft breast. He laved the peak, swirling his tongue around it. Victoria curled her fists in his hair and tugged.

He nipped and she let go. Her hands ran over his bare chest, continued on, stopping when they reached his jeans.  She popped the snap before sliding the zipper down. Warm fingers eased inside the opening and curled around him before squeezing gently.

He groaned.

Releasing him, she moved on, shoving his jeans down over his hips. His prick sprang free. She eyed its length; her tongue darted out, moistening her lips.

How good that hot tongue would feel on his dick.

“My, he’s a big one,” she purred, reaching for him again.

His fangs hurt.

Stroking over his cock, the motion slow, measured, her nails scraped lightly. Arching his back, he moaned. Holy Christ, Victoria wasn’t only beautiful, she knew how to pleasure a man.

Backing off, she said, “Get those off and lie down.”

Panting, he stripped off the offending jeans before crawling back on the bed. Victoria eased down between his legs. After capturing his sac, her thumb caressed the globes. A shudder ran through him. His cock jerked in response.

Smirking, she bent over him. Her lips closed over his swollen head, trapping him in warm, wet, bliss. “Jesus, don’t stop.” Grasping the sheet, his hands curled into tight fists. She took him in slowly until his entire length was sheathed in her hot mouth. Easing back, her teeth gently scraped along his shaft.

His hips bucked while he stifled the urge to cry out in pleasure. Her teeth were killing him, but he didn’t want it to stop any time soon. She bobbed on his slick member, her hair spilling over him in a silky curtain that begged to be touched. A sweet cherry-almond scent clung to her long locks.

Shit! He had to stop her before he came too soon. He pushed her away with a gentle hand to her shoulder. If he didn’t cool down, he wasn’t going to get a chance to get inside her. Not unless she wanted to stay for another round. Which wouldn’t take long, but he wasn’t nuts about having someone hanging out. He liked to screw, and feed, then send them on their way with smiles on their faces.

His thoughts turned to Madison, his neighbor. He would make an exception for her any night she wanted. With her, there would be no “we’re done, now please leave.”


“Huh? Oh, sorry.” Now was not the time to be fantasizing about his neighbor when he had a warm, wet pussy ready for the taking. “I was just caught up in the moment.”

She sat on her knees, waiting for him to take the lead. He pushed her back on the bed and positioned himself between her legs. Inhaling, he took in her erotic, sweet scent. Her swollen pussy glistened with readiness to receive him inside her. Stroking his hands down the insides of her firm thighs, he pushed her legs further apart. As he bent over her, his hair fell over her crotch.

She giggled. “Your hair is even longer than mine.”

Andre tucked it away behind an ear then traced his fingers over her hot flesh. He bent and flicked his tongue along her slit, tasting her sweet berry-like flavor. Licking upward, he teased her clit. She groaned, rewarding his efforts.

Wanting to make it good for her, his tongue flicked, pressed, then swirled around her nub.

“Oh God, Andre,” she cried.

He licked back to her opening and pushed his tongue inside her.

Gasping, Victoria sank her hands into his hair.

His tongue delved in and out rhythmically, lapping up her essence. Her taste coated his tongue. He savored her, pushing deeper into her slick channel, taking more of her.

His dick pressed against his belly. As he pleasured her, he griped himself, stroking in rhythm with his pumping tongue.

She rocked her hips, rubbing her pussy in his face. Panting hard, she thrashed on the bed and pulled his hair. He pressed his thumb to her clit and massaged in time with his eager tongue. The increased stimulation proved to be what she craved — she shrieked, gyrating her hips to increase the friction. He kept up his attentions until she screamed her release. Gazing up the length of her, he saw her skin shone with a light film of sweat.

He slipped his index finger inside her quivering pussy. Her muscles clamped around him. Groaning, she pumped her hips. He eased in another finger and she went harder, taking charge of pleasuring herself for a second orgasm. She picked up speed and a deep moan came out of her. He thrust his fingers in and out of her heat, pushing her to come.

“Andre!” Her crest wracked her body, causing her muscles to spasm as she writhed on the bed. Shuddering, she slowed then lay as if wrung out.

He pulled his fingers free of her clenching walls, and as he stared in her eyes, he licked them clean. “We aren’t finished,” he said and moved up over her.

His engorged head probed her slick entrance, which prompted Victoria to spread her legs wider. He kissed her neck then licked over her pounding pulse. As if on instinct, she tilted her head and turned slightly, giving him access. His fangs elongated as his cock slipped inside her opening. He reared back his hips and drove home at the same instant his fangs pierced her flesh.

Victoria stiffened. Her back arching as he penetrated her at both points. Her blood, hot and sweet, filled his mouth. He swallowed greedily as his hips began thrusting, driving deep then withdrawing almost completely.

Her nails sank into his back, clawing downward, scoring him with burning trails of passion. He grunted but didn’t release his hold on her throat, though he took only enough to slack his hunger.

He lapped over the bleeding wounds, cleaning them and allowing his saliva to coat them with a healing agent. By the time she left, the telltale puncture marks would be gone. He was getting better at stealing blood undetected.

His top priority satiated, he concentrated on screwing her senseless. He gave her what her nails begged — no sweet, gentle sex for the randy Victoria. His hips pistoned and she moaned with obvious delight, clawing him and pushing up with her hips to take every inch.

“Harder,” she said while her nails dug into his ass.

He pumped like a machine. She met him thrust for thrust with her feet planted firmly on the mattress and her hips pressing up to meet him. Without warning, she bit his shoulder. He jerked. The last time someone had bitten him, he’d forfeited his life in a dark, stinking alley.

Curbing the temptation to bite in retaliation, he caught one breast and pinched. She gasped then returned the favor, tweaking his thrusting ass.

Kissing her hard, he shoved his tongue in her mouth. A wildcat in bed, she was definitely his type. She let out a cry and pushed up against him, taking him deep. Then she ground hard on his cock as she moaned through her peak. Her slick walls contracted around him, squeezing and releasing.

His balls tightened and the little tingle at the base of his spine warned him that he was going to come. He slammed into her and exploded in strong jets, filling her with his lifeless seed. He shuddered to a stop, contentment settling over him. After a moment, he pulled his softening cock from her clenching pussy. The musky scent of sex hung heavy in the air.

“Wow, you were magnificent,” she whispered next to his ear.

That went without saying. What vampire couldn’t screw like a demon? Not that he could voice such a thing. “Glad you enjoyed it,” he murmured and gave her a little mental nudge to leave.

She took the hint and reached over to stroke his cheek. “I must go. Will I see you again?”

“Perhaps,” he said and smiled. He wouldn’t mind seeing her sometime or having her in his bed.

He admired her firm ass as she crawled from his bed and left to fetch her clothes. A moment later the apartment door opened and closed. He willed the locks shut.

He closed his eyes and stretched.

“Ah, there you are, and already worked out, too.”

His eyes popped open.

Christopher Ross leaned against the bedroom doorframe, clearly sporting an erection under expensive trousers. He reached down and fondled himself.

Shit. Andre’s ass clenched. He so did not want to be on the receiving end of his sire’s affections right now.

Christopher smirked, the mind reading bastard. “Get the lube. Unless you want it to hurt.”



Please return on October 4th for the continuation of this serial fiction piece. If you like what you’ve read, please consider reviewing us on Amazon.



Copyright © 2010 Nickie Asher

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


About Nickie Asher

I write in several genres including, erotica, urban fantasy romance, paranormal romance, and horror. I am a published author.
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    Nice paranormal piece. Can’t wait to see what Christopher does.

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