Closet Lovin’

Olivia was hot, harassed and horny. She had been stuck here all week enduring an annual work conference. And after a tedious week of meetings, networking and company schmoozing, today was meant to be a day completely for her.   A mental health day. A day of self-pampering and lounging in the sun.

Sipping Mai Tais by the pool, while reading the latest Black Lace novel had seemed like an utterly delicious idea a couple of hours ago. But as the heat on the pages intensified and her collection of paper umbrellas got higher, even a plunge into the cold water of the pool did little to dampen her blazing libido. She needed to cut short the self-pampering, for an unscheduled stop in her hotel room with some quick battery operated self-servicing.  Otherwise she may well spontaneously combust poolside, frazzled with sexual frustration.

In her rush to pack away her lotion, hat and towel, she manages to knock the book responsible for her current predicament, into a puddle beside her lounger. As she bends to reach for it, a large masculine hand gets there before her, lifts the book and starts shaking water from its already soggy pages.

“Hello Olivia.  Love the choice of literature.”

“Uh…Cole. Ummm…thanks.” Blushing, Olivia quickly grabs the book back from him and stuffs it into her bag.

Olivia’s hormones scream in glee at the sight of him. Cole Evans, from the company’s LA office. Six-foot two-inches of tanned, hazel-eyed perfection.   A body so sinful, she’s sure Satan must have him on speed dial.

The two of them flirted up a storm during the past week of dull seminars and team building exercises. Both had been too professional to take matters further.   Don’t screw the crew and all. But that was before the Mai Tais and before she had cranked her libido into overdrive. It occurs to her that he may be an ideal scratching post, for her intensifying lustful itch.

“What are you still doing here?” she asks.

“Thought I’d take a day or two for myself, after the conference.  Y’know, a little R & R to recharge the batteries. Yourself?” His smile is open. Genuine.

“Same. Except I’m not really looking for Rest and Relaxation.”  She gives him what she hopes is her sexiest smile-of-seduction while mentally crossing her fingers.

“Really?”  Cole quirks a curious eyebrow.

“No – I’m looking for a little…. Rock and Roll.”   She gives her own eyebrows a suggestive waggle, hoping she doesn’t look like a fool and he shoots her down.

There is a sharp inhale of breath.  Cole’s eyes narrow and darken as they, oh-so-slowly, travel down the length of her body; lingering on her breasts.  As if on cue her nipples tighten under her damp bikini top and Olivia clamps her teeth together in an effort to stop herself squeaking.

“Are you now? Cole says, focusing on Olivia’s mouth.  “You look… fit to burst.”

Olivia swallows nervously.   She casts her own gaze down his Corinthian-like torso until she comes to his board shorts, the front of which appear to be struggling with a very promising looking erection.

“I could say the same of you” she replies in a husky tone.

He throws back his head and laughs. “Me and every other red-blooded male within a two mile radius.”

Olivia’s brows furrow and she looks at him confused.

“Darlin’. You’re pretty hard to miss. You work that bikini like a professional.” He glances behind him, then leans in, drops his voice, his lips close to her ear. “The reason every one of  those guys over there are lying on their front is because of the instant hard-on you gave ‘em when you got out of the pool.”

She checks in the direction he indicated. Several guys are lying on their stomachs. Staring at her and Cole. They turn away abruptly, suddenly interested in their books and the scenery. She is sure that she should feel affronted by their perving, but instead it makes her feel even hornier.

“Lets get outta here” she growls. She grabs his hand and pulls him toward the hotel.

They slip in a side door, heading for the lifts. However, they can see a crowd of people massed around the elevator doors. Waiting. Obviously, a tour party has just arrived.

“Damn” hisses Cole, spotting the crowd. “Come on, this way.” He steers her up a corridor away from the chaos in the lobby.  Pushing open unlabeled door, he pulls her into a utility room of some sort. There are shelves of towels and cleaning products lining the walls. Cole grabs a mop from the corner and braces it under the handle of the door.

“Should hold.”  He turns to face Olivia. He smiles wolfishly. “Take off that bikini darlin’. Let me look at you.”

Olivia’s heart pounds with lust soaked nervousness. She steps away from Cole, slowly reaches behind her back and pulls the ties of her bikini top. She flicks the strings and triangular scraps up over her head and to the floor. Her breasts are exposed to the cooler indoor air and his stare. Leaning forward, she cups them in her hands, the heavy weight feeling hot in her hands. She massages and squeezes, concentrating on her nipples as they harden and peak.   Her head tips back, her eyes close and a moan escapes from her parted lips.

“Now the bottoms.” Coles voice sounds rough, guttural—and very sexy.

Never dropping her gaze from his, Olivia tugs the ties at the side of the bikini bottoms and they, too, fall to the floor. Cole’s eyes flare when he sees her waxed, bare mound. Her outer lips are plump with arousal, peeking out to be seen.

His breath hitches and his smoldering hazel eyes seek her blue ones out once more. The horny and brazenly new Olivia, dips her hand down, bending her knees slightly while plunging her middle finger deep inside her dripping sex.    She pulls it out and lazily rubs the juices round and round her clit. Her hips rotating, her lips parted, her breath now coming in gasps.

Coles eyes glitter as he watches her pleasure herself. “Who knew you were hiding all of this under your business-casual clothes at the conference.” He says with a smile. His erection throbbing and pulsing from her enticing display. “Turn around.” It’s a command.

Olivia turns away.  She hears the rustle of Coles’ trunks hitting the floor.   Then Cole closes in behind her, skimming his heated body against her back.   His rigid cock presses into the soft cleft between her cheeks.   Ragged breathing warms her neck, pushing her higher in her arousal.   Her co-worker reaches around, cupping her breasts. Kneading at first, then he circles her nipples and gently pulls. She puts her hands over his.  Deepening the pressure, urging him on.

“Harder” she groans. He obliges, squeezing his fingers in a sharp tweak.   Pinching. She moans her appreciation, grinding her ass against his groin.

“I love a woman who knows what she wants” he growls in her ear.

“And I love a man who can give it to me.”

“Bend over.” He presses her shoulder slightly in encouragement.

Olivia holds on to the shelf in front of her and leans forward, glancing over her shoulder. Cole positions himself behind her, stroking his cock. A shudder passes through Olivia. His prick is amazing. Upright, turgid, thick.

“Pull your cheeks apart, honey – let me see you.”

Olivia moans and complies. Her manicured fingers on either ass cheek, she pulls them apart, showing him her most secret flesh.   Her pink ass pucker and dripping opening on display for his pleasure.  She feels wanton and turned on beyond anything she’s experienced before.

“Beautiful.” He kneels behind her and gently blows on her exposed flesh.    Her knees tremble as his tentative tongue probes her folds, tasting her. He draws back and Olivia mews her disappointment, pushing her rear toward his face, trying to tempt him back.

He grabs her hips, holds her steady and plunges his tongue straight into her tight ass. She squeals with shock and tries to pull away, but his hands are a vice.  His tongue thrusts in and out, drilling into her. The sensation so electric she pushes back against his face, his stubble chafing at her soft skin.

Cole comes to his feet behind her, while pressing a thick finger deep into her ass. Olivia craves the deeper penetration and wiggles to encourage him. Withdrawing his finger, he bends his knees, grasps his cock and rubs it back and forward over her soaked snatch until his shaft is shining with her wetness. Blood pounds in Olivia’s body, singing through her veins and making her yearn for more of him inside.

“Now Cole. Fuck me now” she bites out, looking over her shoulder at him.

He aims the tip of his cock at her tight pucker, pushing gently.

“Come on, push back, baby, nice and slow.” Olivia tenses slightly at the invasion of his thick cock head, easing herself slightly over his engorged head. “Let me fill that pretty little ass of yours. Just relax.”  He reaches forward, fondles her breast, finds a nipple and twists it hard to distract her.

Olivia gasps in shock and pushes back. The tweaking in her breast combines with the delightful pressure in her ass, causing her womb to clench in excitement. Cole’s cock eases into her, inch by inch. They pause for a moment, panting, waiting for her to get accustomed to his girth stretching her to allow him passage.

He backs up to the shelf behind him, resting his rear, while pulling her with him. Olivia stands on her toes, every muscle stretched taut. Cole smoothes a hand over her stomach, down to her slit and slides a finger over her clit, causing her to buck as if electrocuted.

She shoves herself backward on his shaft, impaled. She tries to lever herself up and down on her toes, easing his thick member in each time.  Cole grits his teeth and closes his eyes. Her ass feels so hot and tight.  He grabs her hips, thrusting until he is buried to the hilt, his balls slapping against her soaked sex.

He holds steady, not wanting the coupling to end too soon. He reaches around and plunges two fingers into her pussy, pumping in and out in time to his cock stroking deep in her bottom.

Olivia goes wild on top of him.   Thrashing, almost weeping with her need for release. He adds a third finger and drags his thumb up and down her slit, teasing her clit. The combined sensations are too much for Olivia and she shatters. Stiffening, her back arching, she screams her release. Cole keeps his fingers inside as her pussy spasms. Olivia struggles to breathe as wave after wave of orgasm threatens to drown her.

Before her breathing has had chance to normalize, Cole moves forward. His cock still buried to the hilt deep inside her ass.

“Put your hands on the shelf in front of you and hang on.”

As soon as her hands are gripping the shelf, he pulls his cock slowly back and then plunges it back in. His balls slap her pussy. Again. And again.   Pumping hard and fast. Grunting with every thrust.

Olivia pushes back as hard as she can, trying to increase the friction. She drops a hand between her thighs and pinches her clit.

“That’s it baby. Touch yourself.” he gasps between strokes. “It’s so fuckin’ hot.”

She starts rubbing in tandem with his plunging. Sliding a finger in and out of her pussy and up and around her clit. The sensations are overwhelming, threatening to push her to another peak. A stinging slap hits her ass, the sound echoing off the walls in the closet. She gasps at the mild pain, intrigued by the warmth it leaves behind. He slaps her again, loving the way her cheeks wobble under his ministrations. Her ass grips him tight, his balls taut with pressure.

“I don’t think I can take much more,” she says over her shoulder. Her breath comes in gulps, burning her lungs. Her knees shake, trembling from the sound fucking she’s receiving.

“Neither can I,” he responds while he digs his fingers into her hips and drives his cock to the hilt, over and over again.

His movements become frantic. Pistoning in and out of her, sweat dripping from him on to the globes of her ass. His breathing becomes more and more ragged until it seems he cannot catch his breath at all. He stiffens, balls drawing up, while his cock swells.   Cole locks an arm around her waist and with one final thrust he buries himself deep inside her ass and detonates with pleasure. Groaning as surge after surge of satisfaction washes over him, his cock is savagely milked of every drop as Olivia hits a second crest. She clamps a hand over her own mouth as the scream from this release bubbles up and out, unbidden.

His spasming body leaves him in a sea of mild confusion, swearing there are stars coloring the edges of his vision.   Cole leans over Olivia’s bent, trembling body and plants a kiss on her shoulder.  She’s still panting.  She turns her head and glances over her shoulder at him.

“You know what Cole?” she breathes.

“What darlin’?”

“I think I’m gonna enjoy this conference a whole lot more next year.”


If you enjoyed this story, then look for my next one on September 28, 2010 when I will be posting again.  Hotels are such rich pickings for sexy stories that I am sure I can find another guest or two (or three perhaps?!) to lay themselves bare for you…

Copyright © 2010 Greta Goddard

All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.


About Greta Goddard

Greta is based in Christchurch, New Zealand. She always knew she would write - just as soon as life stopped being so hectic. It recently occurred to her, with a hospitality business, teaching, study, two kids, a long suffering husband and a part-time dog, her day to day existence would always resemble a bad sit-com. So, she should shut up, sit her butt on the chair and put her fingers on the keyboard. Greta Goddard has her two erotic short story collections published, and is published in the Everything Erotic Anthologies. You can contact her at
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5 Responses to Closet Lovin’

  1. Frappa says:

    Wow, go Greta, that was an interseting read for sure!;-)

  2. Iron says:

    Ka pai Greta, a great start!

  3. Fizz says:

    hmmm, maybe not the thing to read whilst at work! Very saucy Greta, very very saucy!

  4. The R says:

    Greta – this is so hot, it sizzles. Pushes all my buttons at once. Love the “scratching post” reference – made me laugh. Keep exploring your boundaries.

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