Do you like erotic stories? Have you wondered about sex toys but were too shy to buy? Can you tell the difference between provocative artwork and porn? Or have you secretly wanted to read a dirty version of “Dear Abby”?

You’ve arrived.

Pull up a chair, check your whispernet connection or latest download subscription, and settle in for a good read. Here at Everything Erotic our aim is to bring unique, never-before-published erotic stories direct to the reader and mix it up with some off-the-wall stuff to make you smile, blush or ponder over.

We’re a team of writers. We know what you want — you want sex.

You won’t be disappointed. We’ll deliver it hot, just the way you like it.

Visit on September 1st, 2010 for our launch.

Here are short descriptions of some of the stories your subscription will bring:

Johnny Living Dangerously, an on-going serial. Experience the sexual adventures this lead singer has one summer in an all-girl band named Butt Boy and the Receptacles.

Shades of Crimson — Meet Andre Lareau, a vampire artist who spends his waking hours painting and engaging in sex-capades with his art subjects and a horny neighbor, all while trying to dodge his bisexual, irritable, over-possessive sire.



**All works on this site are the sole property of the authors and may not be copied or reproduced without consent. Honor the law and pass our link along, anything else is just plain stealing. Don’t make us have to hunt you down and cut your balls off; we’d rather be writing.


About C.J. Ellisson

I'm a full-time writer. My debut novel, VAMPIRE VACATION, released this fall in ebook and print. I'm currently working on its sequel, THE HUNT, a middle grade fantasy, BLACK IS FOR LIES, and an ongoing erotica serial called "Johnny Living Dangerously".
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